back to article Sony to co-launch 3D TV channel?

Sony may partner with two leading video entertainment giants to launch a dedicated 3D TV channel, it has emerged, just hours after sports broadcaster ESPN confirmed plans for its own 3D telly service. The Walt Disney Company that owns ESPN announced earlier today that a 3D version of the channel will go live in June this year …


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  1. fred slack 1

    3D dance to death

    3D has always been a dismal failure. I was printing 3D comic books back in the 60/70s..they didn't sell then and I doubt very much that any iteration of it will sell now. Just to much hassle and expense for the perceived benefit.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      me too

      I made a 3D silent film in black and white back in the 1920/30's. Called it Avatar. Didn't sell worth a damn.

  2. Roger Barrett

    So this means......

    Is there now a defined 3D spec for TV makers to start producing sets? I thought it was still someway off? Although I am confused by how the fantastic game Invincible Tiger for the 360 and PS3 has an option to choose a 3D in the display options, did I miss something?

  3. MacRat

    And the costs

    yet another excuse for Comcast to rape customers.

    You'll have to buy a bundle of unwanted channels just to get the one you want.

    Then they'll advertise it for $19.99 and fail to mention that the basic connection costs $59.99 and the fee goes up to it's "regular' price of $49.99. Not to mention the "rental" fee of the encryption box for $4.99.

  4. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down


    I presume you mean binocular TV, where the point of view is fixed but some amount of depth is apparent, rather than actual 3D TV which would be like a hologram.

    The acid test is: can you get an upskirt by sitting under the TV?

    I'm guessing not, otherwise the upskirt sites would be opposing this already.

    1. Wize

      @Eddie Edwards

      They call it 3D as Binocular TV doesn't sound as good.

      Never let the details get in the way of marketing.

  5. Skizz

    Die 3D Die

    Well, as Mark Kermode off Live 5 says, Avatar 3D was supposed to show the world just what 3D could do and the answer was: not a lot.

  6. Tom Chiverton 1


    No one is going to buy *another* new TV, having just got one for Freeview and/or HD. Give it up.

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