back to article Cisco, IBM tackle home video conferencing

Cisco and IBM are expected to introduce home video conferencing services this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On Monday, IBM and Polycom said they have expanded their partnership from selling pricey corporate video conferencing wares to introducing new services targeting consumers. The service will rival …


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  1. Nev

    They really haven't sussed... one is remotely interested in videophone calls, have they?

    Did they not learn this lesson from 3G?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cisco/Linksys - not getting any more of my money!

    Ever since Cisco bought Linksy, their equipment get's lots of polish, but no finish. BIOS updates are never released, even for fairly obvious issues (XviD/DviX support, no "wake on LAN" support for Media Extenders, for example).

    I'll wait a long time before spending any money on Cisco equipment in the Consumer marketplace.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Like I really want to see my co-workers in saggy Y-fronts and stained, tatty singlets - all rendered in "full-size" 1080p HD.

  4. tony strother

    Cisco, IBM tackle home video conferencing

    The thought of being able to do "good", forget about great teleconferencing from home is but a pipe dream. Unless, you live in a country (read as not the US) where you have access to broadband service that can support the bandwidth requirements!!

    Cable- not readily available and MUCH TOO expensive for the bandwidth needed (unless you want to pass on buying medicines, food, gas, electricity)

    DSL- not readily available and TOO expensive for the bandwidth needed (unless you want to pass on buying medicines, food, gas, electricity)

    Satellite- not readily (well, you get the picture)...

    I mean, I would really warm up to the idea of catching up with my far flung relatives from the comfort of our living room or working from home for those office meetings.... However, I would much rather stay warm, fed and clothed...

    Maybe in another 10 years or so....

    Tony S.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    all we need now

    is for someone in Japan to develop the computerised 'adult aids' so they sych with the video.....

  6. Ed Panzeter 1
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    Didn't they already try pushing consumer video conferencing?

    Video conferencing sounds like a great idea until you realize that you don't want to see the other person 99% of the time. I know what my parents and friends look like, why do I need to see them?

    Even enterprise implementation of video conferencing rarely lives up to expectations. Shortly after being set up, the desire to use the system starts faltering.

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