back to article Microsoft wants someone to turn Xbox into Xphone

Microsoft is advertising for a program manager to drive the Xbox Live experience onto Windows Mobile, hoping to raise one brand with the application of another. The advert, which was posted just before Christmas and spotted by Engadget, states that Redmond is looking for someone who can "bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good to see Microsoft providing a home

    for all those unloved RROD jokes

  2. TorukMacto

    Link to source of news

    "Spotted by Engadget"??

    Nope, Engadget didn't spot anything, MobileTechWorld did (and Engadget even linked to them):

  3. Hans 1 Silver badge


    Windows Mobile^H^H^H^H^H^H Phone is too slow to be used for browsing the web, let alone play games ... what are they thinking?

    Get the OS act together, then add the games if it turns out they turned the frog into a prince! Have they ever heard of step-by-step? Never get anywhere when you hurry stuff out ...

    Windows Mobile is Windows Phone in France, apparently (from the ads I see), have they renamed it in other countries as well?

    1. Bill Neal

      step by step?

      If you're looking for step by step dev, try something open like the linux scene. Microsoft has always rushed a product out the door, then slowly make corrections as it sells. By the time it works they way they said it would, they stop supporting it and force you to buy into the next fad.

      P.S. ~ no. It is still called windows mobile in the states

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Microsoft caught in temporal shift

    There was an article not long ago about Apple taking on the handheld gaming market.

    It seems like today's news is being sucked through a category-5 wormhole and being delivered to Microsoft 6 months in our future.

    I can't wait to hear about the Microsoft Tablet.

    Bill Gates, because I suspect the wormhole was his leaving prank.

    1. jai

      re: Microsoft caught in temporal shift

      there's nothing new about this - i have a bumper sticker at home somewhere that says "Windows 95 = Mac OS 89" - all that's happened is the magnitude of the temporal distortion has decreased. Conversely, in the past, when Microsoft copied Apple, they made lots of money from it, these days, they're not *cough*Zune*cough*Vista*cough*...

      1. Eddie Edwards
        Jobs Horns

        Bumper stickers

        I'd like to see the other 90s bumper stickers in your draw.

        "Mac OS 8 - it isn't complete shite, honest"

        "Pre-emptive multitasking is for losers"

        "Just say NO to ubiquitous driver support"


    2. dogged

      Microsoft Tablet?

      Google for "Microsoft Courier".

      Makes Apple iTabletThing look distinctly 1994.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Sp00Key Stuff and Perfect Enough Stealth when Thought of and Dismissed as NonSense.

    Is that Microsoft wanting to be a Hollywood Starlet? If so, then Magical AIMystery Turing amfM ProgramMING would be Interested in making IT Happen for Real with Exotic Eastern Partners into NINJA* Technologies.

    *Networks InterNetworking JOINT** Applications

    ** JOINT Operations for IntelAIgents Networking Transmissions.

    PS ..... Surprise yourself with some NEUKlearer Information Freely Shared for Knowledge Capture with a Search in Quantum Control Systems on the word ... JOINT. There will you discover Sleeping Partners Wide Awake and Sublimely ProActive in the Field. And if Google returns Nothing, then their Algorithms would be Subjective and therefore Suspect and Probably Subversive when Perverted to Display what is Third Party Decided rather than First and Second Party Supplied ......... for that would then put One in Control of Knowledge Flow as if One were a GOD.

    The Enigmatic Abiding Dilemma for All Searching Engines and Virtual AIMachinery though, is that it is also a Most Constructive Facility and Service too, Able to Deliver Excellence from and into Myriad Seas and Sees of Mediocrity and Ignorant and Arrogant Hostility and would thus be of Great Benefit to Great Game Gurus.

  6. Mike Richards


    Can't wait to see the size of the power adaptor.

  7. Bob Gulien

    isn't that going backwards...

    Mobile phones getting lighter and MS wants us to heave a Xbox to our ears?

    Something wrong with this Steve B.

    When his medicine runs out, he pumps out these memo's. Sweating, because he has got to hurry, he hears the nurse coming already.

    Then the nurse comes in with his medicine and she's sees it's too late again.

    Oh and fine folks at El Reg: Happy NY and try to make an icon with Steve B.

    Gates is sooo 2009!!

  8. Bill Neal

    Xbox is HUEG!!!

    ***remembers so many jokes about the biggest console ever made

    the phone would probably end up looking like the n900, but with a battery pack added that is just as thick. an RROD would make that one fierce brick!

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Given Redmond's recernt track record on Windows Mobile and Zune, both of which are peculiarly charmless and lumpen (not to mention irrelevant), I suspect that this attempt to inject some life into their mobile platforms riding the coat tails of Xbox success is a bit... doomed.

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