back to article Steve Jobs gets top dog Noughties honours

Apple boss Steve Jobs has been crowned the "Person of the Decade" by readers of the Wall Street Journal. Journal readers voted for the Jobsian one as their favourite person of the Noughties following his triumphant return to the role of CEO at the end of the last decade. The WSJ pointed out that Jobs had steered the Apple …


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  1. John 104
    Thumb Down

    How very sad

    That the person voted the top dog wasn't the one who does humanitarian work outside of the corporate world, but instead is a money grubbing jerk who doesn't give a rats ass about his customers once the dollar is in his pocket.

    1. Barry Lane 1

      Re "How very sad"

      You're right. I mean, it's not like a charitable foundation is the simplest way of reducing personal tax bills or anything.

    2. Chris Miller

      Not too surprising

      Given that the voters are readers of the WSJ, a category that includes a substantial proportion of "money grubbing jerks who don't give a rat's ass" etc.

      And Barry - it's true that tax liabilities can be reduced by donations to a recognised charitable cause, but Mr & Mrs Gates have donated many orders of magnitude more than any conceivable tax bill they might face. If only a few more industry 'leaders' would follow their example, just as Warren Buffet has done.

      The man who dies rich, dies disgraced. - Andrew Carnegie

  2. J 3
    Paris Hilton

    For some reason...

    For some reason I predict a nice flurry of flames in the comments for this story, a clash of fanbois and anti-fanbois of all stripes leading to an explosion of entertainment. I don't know why, but I do.

  3. N2

    ...currently boasts a $35bn endowment

    Goodness me, I paid a lot less for mine!

  4. Doug Glass

    Only Because ...

    ... Billy Gates wasn't allowed his personality transplant.

  5. Christian Berger

    How very sad

    That the person voted the top dog wasn't actually doing anything innovative, but just doing what most people with some insight considered sane to do.

    For example he brought out the iPod, an MP3-Player with a little harddisk inside. Of course some way of synchonisation is just sane. And while you are at it, you could just as well sell content on it. The next move probably will be an integrated UMTS-Modem for content downloads. That's not ingenious, that's just sane. However synchonisation with other applications is hard to do. That's the 5% Apple always misses.

    Or the iPhone. A portable computer with an GSM/UMTS-Modem inside. It even got a web-browser. However Apple had chosen the brain-dead way of selling it via the network providers. Therefore you cannot run arbitrary software on it. That's again the 5% Apple always misses. However most other manufacturers miss it completely. There you get phones you cannot easily run other software on. You neither have a decent browser to get you started. I think the true revolution will be devices like the N900 which are essentially mobile computers running a kind of Debian Linux. (Or maybe someone porting Windows XP to Smartphones or something, but that aint gonna be preety :))

  6. GrandpaChris

    Apple consumers

    have been well served by many high quality devices. I own and can boot a 1979 orignal Apple Plus. It runs Appleworks as well today as in 1980s. Steve asks for quality and I have enjoyed some 20 different products over the years. I'm seventy now and still enjoy Steves products by typing this on my iPod Touch. My only regret is the 30,000 dollars spent on computers which wound have made me well off if in Apple stock. Steve is unique in a good way and his products have stood the test of time.

  7. SimpleUser

    @ GrandPaChris, 10.03 GMT

    A big CHEERS to you for your refreshing comment. Coming from a WINDOWS environment (for almost all of my professional days) to my new (one year old) Apple Macbook, a heaven in possitive differences. Fully supportive to what you wrote, keep going.

    Best wishes to all out there, may 2010 become the year you hope it to be.

    Nuff said- Cheers!

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