back to article Stella Artois augments iPhone reality

iPhone users looking for a lager can now find one via Stella Artois augmented reality. Lager has long been known to augment reality, normally lending sex appeal to nearby members of the opposite gender (or the same gender, depending on the amount of lager). But Stella has gone better with an iPhone application that paints the …


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  1. Aaron Em

    What a great idea!

    So you mean I can try to walk with my phone an inch from my face, spin around, trip on the curb, stumble, fall over, break my phone, and end up looking like an ass-grabbing fool, all before I even *get* to the bar? Sign me up yesterday!

  2. MeRp

    This is great...

    ...if you need some Stella, but what if you want something palatable to drink?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But who would want to know?

    >Stella has gone better with an iPhone application that paints the company's logo onto the outside of buildings where the brew can be found.

    After a few pints of my favourite brew (definitely not SA) I can do that and I don't need an iPhone, sometimes I don't even need a real building. The final image might look a bit wobbly and at distances of more than six feet the perspective leaves something to be desired but if they could be made permanent Banksy would hang up his spray cans.

  4. lucmars

    Ad Iphone

    and the GooglePhone is dead now

  5. Marvin the Martian
    Thumb Down

    The mind boggles...

    Why does a Flemish beer feel the need to affect Franglais? "Le bar guide"

    1. keddaw


      Bacause the idiots in this country (who drink Stella) don't recognise the difference between any European languages, as it says on the tin it's a continental lager.

  6. Some Guy

    Too Bad

    Cool Application, too bad it's for crappy Stella Lager. Maybe if you could select your own brew? Like a nice Chimay?

  7. ffrankmccaffery

    yeah right

    the typical iphone carrying dweeb is really going to be searching out for a pub to enjoy a pint of 'ol' wife beater'.

  8. Chris Miller

    Great news!

    Now I can more easily avoid places that serve the nasty fizzy stuff, which tastes like it's already been through at least one pair of kidneys. Of course, in the US that's a better flavo(u)r than any of the mainstream beers (though many of the microbreweries are excellent).

  9. Simon Waddington

    Actual reality

    Is there any pub in the UK that doesn't serve Stella (or "Wife Beater", if you will)?

    1. Tony Green
      Thumb Up

      There certainly is...

      None of that muck in my local, the Ipswich Dove, but if you really MUST drink lager there, at least you've got the option of Calvor's, which actually has flavour:

  10. ian 22

    Oy, Bruce!

    'Ow is American beer like effing in a canoe?

    <Bruce #2> I dunno Bruce, 'ow is American beer like effing in a canoe?

    <Bruce #1> They're both effing close to water!

    LOL, ROFL, etc.

    It had to be said. Although I did self-censor to avoid the wrath of mistress Bee.

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Oy, Bruce!

      This applies to God's Own Country, of course.

      Almost all the beers consume by the UK's lagerboys in the woefully mistaken belief they are drinking something foreign and exotic are brewed in Blighty "under licence", Stella Artois, included.

      Mind you, we are a nation who happily drank barrels of Magners simply because the TV told us to...

  11. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam*

    Virtual Light?

    Somehow, this reminds me about the goggles in "Virtual Light" from William Gibson. Great book, btw.

  12. LuMan

    An idea

    Hey, instead of having an e-painted SA glass on a map on an electronic device, why don't pubs and bars put big signs on their outsides so you can find them?

    Oh, wait a minute...

  13. An-D


    What a fantastic app!!! It tells me that my nearest wifebeater-selling watering hole is in London. That's only 220 miles from my current location in Lancashire!!

  14. The Metal Cod

    There's an app for everything

    Sodomy? There's an app for that...

  15. Paul Woodhouse

    urghh.... why Stella?

    it is indeed the burberry of lagers... could be a good app to know what pubs to avoid though

  16. Bassey

    Seems like a perfect match

    Most of the iPhone toting ****s I know also inexplicably regard larger as a beverage whose image fits in with their self-perceived masculinity and urbane sophistication. Seems like a match made in Heaven/Cupertino.

    (on re-reading the above it strikes me that I should have probably stopped typing after "inexplicably regard larger as a beverage").

  17. Tony Green

    Good old InBev

    You've got to love them. When Belgian Interbrew merged with Brazilian AmBev, they named the new company InBev. Evidently without any Belgians on the board to warn them that in Antwerp dialect, "inbev" is a word meaning "cunnilingus". Which at least has more flavour than most of their beers...

    1. Sir Lancelot


      > in Antwerp dialect, "inbev" is a word meaning "cunnilingus"

      Where did you get this nonsense from? Perhaps you've had a few too many Stellas? And yes: I have lived in Antwerp for about 50 years now.

  18. Cazzo Enorme


    I see the real ale bores are out in force.

  19. pctechxp

    As a Grolsch or Guinness drinker

    Can someone enlighten me as to why Stella is referred to as wife beater?

    Because lots of wannabe real men who beat their wives because it makes them feel like a real man drink it?

    Apologies for the question but as I'm a real man and not one of these scumbags I wouldn't know.

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