back to article Billie Piper hooks up with Belle de Jour

Secret Diary of a Call Girl thesp Billie Piper and Dr Brooke Magnanti - aka blogging prostitute Belle de Jour - will feature in a forthcoming ITV2 programme which promises "a fresh insight into Brooke's life and Billie's portrayal of her". ITV's factual commissioning editor, Diana Howie, enthused: "We're delighted that Billie …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding
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    a simple request


    1. Simon C
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      so eloquently put

      like it was ripped from the scribblings of Wordsworth, Shakespeare or Pratchett ;)

      a new keyboard if you may my dear sir.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Please tell me that we aren't going have a naked Billie Piper inflicted on us?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Well, only one thing for it...

    I'll need a mansize box of tissues and an industrial sized tub of vaseline please.

  4. Blubster

    Knowing the Beeb

    Baring all means baring their soul(s) to a gullible audience of men who will tune in just in the hope of getting a glimpse of BP's funbags.

    What time did you say it was on?

  5. Andy 97
    IT Angle

    I know most people here are virgins,

    but I do worry about the relevance to IT....

    Oh, of course..

    *slaps forehead*

    Merry Xmas

  6. Badbob

    mmmm, Billie Piper

    But why did you ask the BBC when ITV are going to be showing a new series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl? :-)

    Mine is the dirty mac with the packet of Kleenex in the pocket.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Missing ITV plot

    ITV would no longer know a worthwhile programme concept if it came in a box labelled "worthwhile programme concept" along with a quick start guide, a lavishly illustrated operators manual in hand-tooled leather, a 40 minute instructional DVD with a voiceover by John Cleese and an itemised invoice from the supplier, "Worthwhile Programme Concepts r us PLC".

    1. David Adams

      Re. Missing ITV Plot

      ROFL etc,

      seriously, that is your comment of the week Ms Bee.

    2. Martin Fowler
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      You certainly have my thumbs up for CoTW.

      You sir shall be a worthy winner

  8. 3kids2cats1dog
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    Fun After Doctor Who in Canada

    After watching series 2 of Doctor Who with my son, my son and I went looking for other stuff that Billie Piper had done: Need less to say he is watching Sarah Jane.... Daddy got something new on his Christmas wish list....

  9. grom

    Insider Tip

    Buy shares in Kleenex

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    my main thought is who's paying who??

  11. AlistairJ
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    Great, that's just what we need

    Glamorize the oldest profession. Now all our empty headed teenage girls can achieve fame through being "call girls" and getting paid at the same time. Wonderful.

    1. David Adams
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      Re: Great, that's just what we need

      At least they'll be earning an honest living and not all trying to be bloody "WAGs"!!

    2. SynnerCal
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Great that's just what we need...

      "Now all our empty headed teenage girls can achieve fame through being "call girls" and getting paid at the same time."

      Why not, after all it worked for Paris, TPT et al. And if nothing else the prog might give the poor viewers a break from the constant dribble of celeb reality shows that seems to be de rigeur for BBC and ITV these days.

    3. John H Woods Silver badge

      Empty headed ...

      Empty headed eh? Like the protagonist? I think your prejudice is showing.

    4. Spleen


      In the same way that we have that epidemic of teenage boys donning anoraks and jumping into phone boxes thinking they'll go on magical adventures through time, only to be arrested by plod and locked up for minimum five years for carrying a screwdriver.

      Because kids believe absolutely everything they see, are incapable of not taking fantasy literally, and for their protection must be banned from watching TV and instead locked in dark rooms and only allowed to listen to government-approved factual broadcasts. ("why cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol", "how having sex will cause you to die of AIDS instantly", "mummy and daddy's Volvo is killing polar bears (as read by Al Gore from his private jet)", etc. etc.)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Of course prostitution is a serious subject, not to be trivialised by the inclusion of minor celebrity voicing their vacuous 'opinions', but of course ITV, that bastion of serious television for the new age, is already fully aware of this and isn't planning something akin to "An Audience With... Dr. Prozzie"!

  13. richard 69
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    i think you'll find....

    that old gerbil face never actually bared was all done with a body double and clever editing.....think what poor old chris evans had to put with....

  14. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Except for viewers in Scotland

    Naturally you expect classy material like this to come from the BBC but I assume it is on ITV as you said. In Scotland, however, STV will be showing its own documentat!ry, "Bluebell de Jour". Which is nice too.

  15. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
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    Billie Piper

    I always thought Billie Piper was well fit.

    Mmm.. Imma google now to see what I can find...

  16. Sceptical Bastard

    Actress and call girl to 'bare all'

    OK, we know that Brooke Magnanti is (or was) a call girl but there's certainly no actress in this story. Oh no, you can't mean....

    @ sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    You think WHAT? You poor deranged individual :)

  17. once bitten


    Which one sells herself for money?

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