back to article Return of MP3 spam punts penis pill sites

MP3 spam has made an unwelcome return, two years after the tactic was first used to spamvertise products and services. The audio track file type briefly appeared in junk mail messages in October 2007 to tout pump and dump stock scams, before quickly dying out. Now junk MP3s have begun reappearing in messages touting Canadian …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ..Is also the first genre in the list on a few different MP3 creation programs, so it could well be that they don't realise that a genre has been set.

    1. Suburban Inmate

      Why blues first?

      Surely Ambient, Alternative etc....?

      Anyway, spam is yet another reason people should not be allowed on the net before demonstrating the requisite levels of intelligence, cynicism, understanding of the basic technical principles and social etiquette. OTOH stupidity has always been one of the most profitable human resources, mined since time immemorial, and no amount of El Reg Commentardery is going to change that. Spam is just another method of mining that resource, among countless others.

      Maybe I'm just getting bitter in my old age (27 and a half) but the net was, socially at least, a far better place in the mid 90s, just before all the "ordinary people" got in on the act.

      ...The one with the Eurolines ticket London to Portugal, 8am Dec. 30th. SUFO done.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yeeeeeeaaahhh ...

        "Maybe I'm just getting bitter in my old age (27 and a half) but the net was, socially at least, a far better place in the mid 90s, just before all the "ordinary people" got in on the act."

        Hour after hour spent on Usenet talking about Star Trek on the college's Sun workstations I presume. And you have the gall to talk about other people's social problems. Hope you get your flight OK, though.

  2. Steve Anderson


    It's more likely to be Blues because it's the default genre on the MP3 encoder. I had to do a batch encode earlier today and all the vocals ended up being tagged Blues for that reason.

    Just saying, that's all.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ahh! I did get one the other day ... and thought WTF .. why would someone send me an mp3 file ... I'm Deaf, one rule I can add to mail filter without any worries of false positives :-)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've noticed some shoutcast stations playing A State of Trance episodes - tagged as 'Blues'. I'm guessing that Steve and AC are correct that's it's a default rather than a sense of humor.

  5. pisquee

    Christmas Number 1

    OK, so does this recording beat both RATM and the new XFactor person, as it has been downloaded so many times?!

    1. deeblea

      did the spam run beat RATM and X-Factor


      Well RATM had about 500,000 downloads

      The MP3 spam run from Cimbot was an estimated 500,000,000 emails globally.

      So that wins by about 499,500,000... that's global though, not sure how many of those spam were destimed for the UK. It probably still whooped Simon Cowell in UK I expect. :)

  6. Simon Buttress


    'cos it's for Viagra innit.

    Where's the Neo icon?

  7. Wize


    '"This could be the most frequently "downloaded" MP3 track in the world... whether its recipients want it or not," MessageLabs adds.'

    Will this now be included in the download chart? Will the 'independent' radio top 40 be forced to have it as their number one and play it every week?

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