back to article Samsung Bada: UI shots spied on web

Images showing the user interface Samsung has grafted onto its upcoming Bada smartphone OS have appeared on the web. Samsung Bada UI We can't, alas, confirm the images' provenance - we usually follow sites' references back to the source, but in this case they end up looping between GSM Arena and Samsung Flash Wiki. Samsung …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    nobody see's 6.5 in there as well ???

  2. Alex King

    What this needs... a special Microsoft web search app - "Bada Bing"

    Sorry, somebody had to.

  3. Tom Chiverton 1


    Nothing to see here move along

  4. Patrick 14


    Its another no support OS more often than not.

    There will be few apps games for it. they Just trying to get the iPhone market.

    Good look to them. Because if they make a decent phone maybe Apple will make a even better one. LOL

    Yes I have an iPhone 3gs etc etc. But what I really want to do is be able to make fecking phone calls in my house. And I live very near a large'ish Town.

    Its a fecking joke when you can surf the web via wifi over my HOME PHONE LINE. but its not that often I can make a phone call from my settee. what a fecking Joke.

    but if I stand outside my house in the front garden I can get faster 3g internet than my phone line does. for fucks sake...upto 4mb where as my phone line does upto 3mb on a good day 1.5mbps on a normal to bad day arghhhh

    Look in pocket for a better signal?

    1. h 6



      Well, maybe not that simple...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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