back to article Soaraway PC market growth for 2010, says IDC

The world PC market has surged out of its recent doldrums and returned to sustained growth, according to research group IDC, which predicts double-digit gains through 2013. "Beyond stabilizing their business, PC vendors are trying to position themselves for gains as the market recovers," said IDC's Jay Chou in a statement …


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  1. GrandpaChris

    the essential role of personal computing today

    We need new Internet grabbing devices. Tablets of all sizes and utility, easily availble, simple functions and handheld in my life. My RF signals are here! I need to acces the data. Now!

    Bring on netbooks, iTouchbooks, notebooks, frigebooks, deskbooks, iPodbooks or any Internet catching device to make my information viewable now!

    Sent from my iPod Touch.

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