back to article Google Doodle poisoned by scareware slingers

Scareware slingers have begun hiding links to rogue anti-virus sites behind Google Doodle. The development leaves surfers who click on Google's picture of the day at risk of being exposed to sites that run fake security scans, before strong-arming users into buying worthless software in order to clean-up non-existent security …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How do you say ne'er do wells in Esperanto?

    Aĉuloj? Fiuloj? Friponoj? Kanajloj? Sentaŭguloj?

  2. jdtm

    ne'er-do-well in Esperanto

    nenifarantoj (pronounce neh-nee-fah-RAN- toy)

    Peter Benson: Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary ELNA 1995

    ISBN 0-939785-03-X

    but other terms such as kanajloj (kah-NEYE-loy) are probably more expressive

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