back to article Adobe profit, sales fall in Q4

Adobe Systems saw profit and sales drop in its fourth quarter, but despite that, the firm proclaimed that customer demand was set to blossom in 2010. The company reported (PDF) a decline in sales yesterday, after customers shied away from upgrading their copies of Acrobat, Flash and Photoshop apps. In Q4 it reeled in revenue …


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  1. Barry Lane 1

    Too greedy

    If Adobe hadn't chosen to boost torrenting and push down sales by bumping up their prices until only Bill Gates could afford them, they might just have sold a few more boxes. For me to upgrade my CS3 to CS4 would cost around 600 hundred quid, so I simply can't afford to do it. Well, that's one sale lost; and how many others out there refused to buy, or were unable to do so, because Adobe is too damned greedy?

    Beer icon, because I can't afford a pint, either.

    1. BristolBachelor Gold badge


      Having spoken to people who have upgraded and seen the Adobe forums, I'll stick with CS3, even if the upgrade is only £50 !!

  2. clint11

    VAT rate

    I recently bought and downloaded Elements 8 from the English UK site. When you choose to download the software you are redirected to the Irish site were you are charged a VAT rate of 21.5% not the English VAT rate of 15%. I questioned Adobe Customer Support on this and they replied that I could return the download for a refund and reorder the boxed product. Having read other customers complaints, this was likely to take weeks to do. Google Adobe Customer Support Sucks to see the various forum postings.

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