back to article Vodafone: No HD2 for you!

Vodafone will continue selling the HD2, just not to ordinary people like you and I - apparently it's a business phone now. Having told us on Friday that it wouldn't be ordering any more HD2s from HTC, the operator has now clarified its meaning by explaining that the HD2 will continue to be available to business customers, but …


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  1. It wasnt me
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    Bye bye vodafone

    I left vodafone about 4 years ago when they wouldnt let me have one of the HTC phones because I wasnt a business customer. I really didnt get it. I was happy to pay the asking price, but they just didnt want my money. The other 3 were happy to sell me one on any tarrif I liked. Bizarre. Havent looked back though. If a company can afford to pick and choose its customers like then good luck to them. Previously I had been a Vodafone cutomer for many years with an expensive tarrif.

  2. pixel

    Big Surprise

    Before the HD2 was announced I wanted the Touch Pro 2, which was only available as a business phone. Very short sighted of Vodafone. I want a high-end phone that can support business-type functionality (like native exchange support) so that I only have to carry a single phone, and I don't play games.

    Still, I got an HD2 from Vodafone very early :) Apart from the SMS issues it's been great, but as I've not had call to send more than 2 SMS in as many weeks I'm not that bothered, though I can see why some are. Although people really need to learn that SMS is not a guaranteed delivery mechanism, with no SLA on delivery times or delays, and should be treated as such.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Perhaps Voda is simply waiting for the wonkaphone to be released in January, and they want to phase out HD2 support in favour of that?

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Need to look into this. I wouldn't be surprise if there was some kind of anti-competition deal here inked with a certain 90s MS-like company.

  5. pixel
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    Big Surprise 2

    And the SMS issue now (hopefully) appears to be fixed.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    gramm(e)r [sic] sigh...

    In the context that you are using it's "you and me" not "you and I". You should know why, but in case you don't (maybe because, in the nicest way, you are a card carrying [or otherwise fully validated] nerd): always try leaving out the extra "you and" to check whether it still sounds right.

    In this case you would never say: "just not to ordinary people like I" would you?

    Mind you, shooting the subbies (assuming El Reg runs to any) might be more useful.

    1. Danny 14


      yey for teh grammEr nazi. (see what I did there? Like it?)

  7. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: gramm(e)r [sic] sigh...

    I cordially invite you to cram it up your hoop, Anonymous Coward Who Is Not Anonymous To Me. Or else come and do my job(s) for a day. Whichever you think would be more fun.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: gramm(e)r [sic] sigh...

      What a choice. And it would depend on the pay and perks.

      Anyway, what would this site be without some pedantry. Be boring otherwise wouldn't it? Someone needs to provide fodder for the Moderatrix.

    2. karakalWitchOfTheWest
      Dead Vulture


      If you can't be bothered with correct grammar, maybe you should look for another job.

  8. IT specialist

    Faults and defects causing Vodafone to reject the HD2

    There were some defects with this phone. One major one was the pink camera defect (Google hd2 pink camera for more info). HTC had stocked up on the handset, ready for launch. Then came the news of this defect, and units being recalled. Yes, there is now a software fix, which the user must install on the phone. But this issue caused the disruption to supply.

    It'll be a while before HTC can replenish stocks. In that time, there will be an Army of new Android phones coming our way, which are much more exciting for most consumers. Among them, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android phone, and the HTC Passion (similar to the HD2, but running Android).

    1. Trevor Watt

      Stock comes in on a day to day basis

      And the pink circle and SMS issue is fixed, phones coming through the channel should be fine now, new handsets are not effected.

      For those who may be interested O2 are stocking the HD2, just not advertising the fact, ask retentions.

  9. ByPrOdUcT

    Not getting one :(

    I have been moaning at VF customer care for about 2 months now trying to get this phone with no joy.

    I have been a customer of VF for about 5 years now, I called them last night for a final time and was trying to cancel with them to go elsewhere for the phone when I was told that they may be able to get one for me from the business department. So I will wait and see if that comes through, but if I haven’t heard back from them by the end of the week, I am giving up and going to T-Mobile, who do it on a shorter contract for the same price and are actually willing to give the phone to normal people like you and I.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    re: "IT specialist"

    That "major" pink camera 'defect' also exist on the iPhone, Motorola Droid and Omnia HD.

    Don't see anyone making a big fuss about those...

    And not everyone cares about google or their "open source" OS.

    1. Trevor Watt


      The geeks care!

  11. K0de

    Posts not being approved

    Do you have some kind of deal going with expansys / vodaphone? The last 2 times you have posted crappy deals from expansys or vodaphone, i have pointed out there are better deals to be had from MPD, neither comment was approved, any reason for this?

  12. Trevor Watt

    This feels similar to O2 and the iPhone

    When O2 had the exclusive on the iPhone the range of other smart phones they were carrying was very restricted, particularly Windows Mobile ones, they did not stock anything that really competed with the iPhone. O2 customers were asking for the HTC Touch HD and O2 for a while were suggesting that after Orange's exclusive was over they may be stocking it. They never did and it cost them customers a plenty (according to the disgruntled ones on O2's forum and XDA devs anyway!)

    Have the mobile operators really got that big that they think they can dictate to the customers what handsets they will have? Certainly the minimum contract period has universally gone up to 18 months with none of them willing to buck that trend. So let's hope the handset lasts that long anyway......

  13. Canning

    Happened to me...

    ...18 or so months ago when I wanted to upgrade to an HTC Touch Diamond. Called them up to say that I was leaving and they asked why to which I replied that they weren't prepared to give me the handset I wanted. The upgrade was authorised, I got half price insurance and internet and the phone was sent out the next day.

    Maybe they knew what I was in for - the last 18 months has been the most painful time I've spent with a mobile phone!

    BTW Trevor, having just upgraded to a Hero, it seems that smart phone contracts are pushing 24 months now, unless you want to pay a large whack for the handset!

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