back to article Googlephone specs uncovered?

Following Google’s recent confirmation that it will sell a branded Android smartphone, the upcoming device’s possible specifications and launch date have emerged. Google_nexus_one_01 Google's Nexus One handset? Source: Engadget A source on website These Are The Droids (TATD) has claimed that by rifling through “library …


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  1. Gangsta

    Next phone?

    Will this be my next phone?

    or will the network operators have a greedy monopoly; likes with the iPhone and Palm Pre?

  2. hessenpepper

    launch date outed too

    I reread this three times, but I somehow missed the launch date. I couldn't find it on the TATA site either.

  3. fastoy


    Were you just teasing us with the reference to the launch date?

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Looks like some junk PDA from a few years ago.

    Is this the best they can do? I'd give up now and concentrate on the software otherwise.

    1. Antidisestablishmentarianist
      Thumb Up


      Total bland blah. HTC can do better. But I guess Google was involved, and their design is about as clunky as they come. I mean come on, the GMail logo/icon? Looks like it was whipped up by an IT guy and okay'd by IT guys. At least Mozilla have some design sense (in the logo/icons at least - FF itself is super clunky as well).

  5. Campbeltonian

    I'm confused

    The G1 was made by HTC, ran Android and had Google branding.

    This phone will be made by HTC, will run Android and will have Google branding.

    What is it about this phone that is new or special?

    1. Jerome 0

      @ Campbeltonian

      Er, how about the fact it's a completely different phone? Different OS version, different looks, different hardware, different features. You may as well ask, apart from the manufacturer and the link to Google, what is it about this phone that is not new?

      1. Campbeltonian

        It's not that different

        It's a different OS version, but it's the same OS, and it's only a point release beyond what's already available in other phones right now, and no doubt it will be available pre-installed with other phones as well as offered as an upgrade.

        The different looks aren't all that different (large screen, classic HTC smattering of buttons below) and to be honest it doesn't look particularly attractive.

        The FM feature is interesting, but that's the only feature listed that the hardware brings that isn't already in the iPhone. Everything else may be technically distinct to what's already in a lot of phones, and it may be faster, but it's essentially doing the same job.

        And not only is it not the first phone to come with Google branding, it's not even the first phone to come with Google branding from this manufacturer.

        I'm not saying that it's not an interesting phone or that people shouldn't be excited about it. What I don't understand, though, is the collective orgasm everyone seems to be having because it's a 'Googlephone'. Nothing about it is particularly novel, interesting or special.

        1. Jerome 0

          Completely different

          A point release over other phones? It's a major release over the G1 (1.6 to 2.1), which is what we were actually talking about.

          The looks are totally different. Larger screen, no physical keyboard to bulk it out, much more modern looking.

          The hardware is completely different: much faster processor, higher resolution screen, better camera.

          I'm not saying this will necessarily be the smartphone everyone's been waiting for, but to say it's nothing new over the G1 is just bizarre.

  6. Ray0x6

    Android Nexus One?

    Uh oh. Just a few generations to go and these so-called 'smart phones' will be walking among us with impunity.

  7. Alex 32

    Hmm. I think I'll wait for

    Nexus-6 :-)

    Mine's the one with "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

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