back to article Data Robotics names new CEO

Data Robotics has hired Tom Buiocchi as its new CEO, replacing founder Geoff Barrall. Data Robotics produces the Drobo products, data robots that provide multi-drive external storage. Almost 100,000 Drobos have been sold, and founder Geoff Barral has been its CEO since 2005. Tom Buiocchi's last executive business role was at …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Constructive Disruptive Technologies require Irregular and Unconventional Wisdoms/Pathfinders ...

    .... /FutureBuilders?

    "We must surely ask that question since Buiocchi has not been a CEO of a company before and therefore has no track record at CEO level. Data Robotics' board is taking quite a gamble in not appointing a seasoned CEO."


    Given the [s]ongoing[/s] markets meltdown and fiscal fumblings, who would need such past seasoning. One cannot expect a step change in fortune to another level without a step change in leadership at another level, thus is the old/traditional CEO model never going to deliver a future service successfully.

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