back to article Liverpool declares itself an ID-free zone

Liverpool City Council passed a motion last night vowing not to co-operate with Home Office plans to extend its ID card trial to the city early next year. Liverpool and Blackburn have been apparently been chosen for the next stage of the trial - the cards are currently being piloted in Manchester. The Lib Dem council said it …


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  1. NB
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    take this title and shove it.

    Good on them, hopefully more councils will follow suite.

  2. The Original Ash
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    nmhgfchg d

    Liverpool has a lot to answer for, but they are vindicated in my eyes.

  3. kevin biswas
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    Yay !

    Evidence of a spine-like growth detected in an organism previously presumed to have been related to slime-mold.

  4. Ian 35

    Better than a nuclear free zone

    Islington's declaration as a nuclear free zone was pointless because no-one was planning to base IRBMs outside the Upper Street Fish Bar. The only things that might happen --- the roads carrying a convoy (unlikely) or the white train going through the local railway lines (possible) --- were outside the local council's ambit. Liverpool and ID cards is different, as refusing use of council channels of advertising and, say, declining to accept an ID card as a substitute for other ID when doing business with the council, will actually materially affect the programme.

  5. Nero

    Pilot? Nope, 'fraid not

    Dunno why you keep calling it a 'pilot'. It's not. The north west is the second stage of the national rollout. To my mind calling it a 'pilot' implies it's going to be stopped and evaluated at some point. I don't see this Government saying that anywhere, do you?

  6. Ricky H
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    excellent. nice one Liverpuuell!!! now if only other councils could see the mission-creep and bigger picture.

  7. lawman
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    Get your ID when you cash your giro

    The equipment is being installed in Post offices now. DVLA get your licence here machines. Phase two will take fingerprints.

  8. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Well they said it was not mandatory

    So I guess Liverpool decide not to waste the money.

    Lets see, Wilmslow, Wigan, Stockport, Burnley, Bolton, Preston, Manchester are all thereabouts.

    I wonder if they can be encouraged to not take this up as well.

    Perhaps we can make it grim up North for ID cards?

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