back to article HTC HD2 'pink blob' patch produced

HTC has released a software patch designed to fix the Touch HD2 smartphone’s infamous ‘pink blob’ camera glitch. HTC_HD2_pink_blob HTC's HD2 camera puts a pink-ish blob onto some images Source: GSM Arena The high-end handset only hit Blighty a few weeks ago, but users quickly began filling forums with complains that …


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  1. IT specialist

    Microsoft's 'Pink' project came early

    I thought it must have been Microsoft's 'Pink' project released early.... a mobile phone that turns everything pink.

    But if you want to remove the pink spots from the HTC HD2 camera, wait 'till you read the convoluted procedure to fix it:

    To fix the HTC HD2, you must have a Windows PC running Vista or 7. XP users, Mac users and Linux users will have to put up with pink photos forever. Step 2 is to synchronise your Vista7 PC using Microsoft ActiveSync. Then transfer the .exe file from PC to HD2 using a USB cable.

    Aghhhh!!!! Just give me the Android version instead. A HTC phone called the Passion in the US market, and the Bravo in the European market, will be released in January. The Passion / Bravo will be a much nicer unit.

    1. Mookle


      If you're using OSX or linux - Just download the patch, send it to your device via bluetooth and run the exe there.

      There's no real need to sync, this is a simple hotfix not a hard reset.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Mac / Linux users

    Ignore the above rant and continuous hatred by "IT specialist" since he obviously doesn't know what he is on about.

    Simply switch your device to "Disk Drive" mode, copy the patch file over to the newly detected drive (Mac OS / Linux will detect the HD2 as a new disk drive). Move the file to main storage via File Explorer and run it from there.

  3. lennie

    this sounds like only the HD2 has the pink blob problem (which isn't true)

    many other camera phones have the same pink blob problem but only HTC stepped up to the plate and fixed their's. it's not a software issue, it's a hardware issue that affects many other phones too.

    mine is the one with the windows phone in the.......HEY! who took my phone!!

  4. Chris McFaul


    who care what OS you have?!! just use the HD2 to download the file - you dont even need a damn computer!

    More to the point - its very nice they have fixed a minor bug with the camera - what about the MAJOR bug with the SMS feature (i.e. that it doesnt work!)

  5. Tim Hines
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    SMS update too ...

    Looks like they have put an SMS update on the website, along with a ROM upgrade:

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