back to article Video surfaces of alleged Apple tablet

The French website has obtained what it suggests may be a video of the long-rumored Apple tablet: Interestingly, the video shows the tablet - which is about the same size as countless rumors have suggested - being used not for reading a fancy sports mag or playing flicks, but instead shopping for furniture …


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  1. Art Kavanagh


    Whether this video is a magnificent but total set-up, or an authentic first sighting of the famous tablet, I WANT THIS TABLET. Roughly speaking.

  2. vincent himpe

    hmm a flash application running on an apple product ?

    highly doubtful ...

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. iMlite

    Has Jobby another Newton on his hands!

    I suspect a mock-up, or one of the many Chinese Slates (that are quite common due to the difficulties associated with Chinese character sets).

    The physical layout is poor precluding easy grip at the sides, poor screen to touch ratio and, amongst other things, lacks the purity of design over function that fruit flavoured products adhere to. The firmware seems stable but the user interface again lacks that Apple look.

    If an iSlate is ever released we will have the FanBoys beating at the doors of Apple stores to be an early adopter, i don’t think this will do it.

    And, where’s El Reg’s report on the official study indicating that Apple FanBoys are quite mad!

  5. Quxy

    Fake, but cool

    Clearly done with a blue screen (look at the shadows and hands), but très cool nonetheless.

    Not that this would be the first fake Apple tablet pictures from, of course ;-)

  6. OrsonX

    so, like a laptop...

    ..but without the convenience of a keyboard, mouse, the ability to close and protect the screen. OK, I suppose it's just a giant web-browser? I love gadget-porn as much as the next man, but this has failed to arouse my interest... a giant unwieldy iPod Touch, hurrah!

  7. Anonymous Coward


    No change in light reflected on the left hand as the screen image changes... Nicely done, but flawed.

  8. Chad H.


    I don't care if its real or just a very good fake... I want one.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think it's fake too

    But only because the IKEA site doesn't work like that in the UK. I can't do that kitchen bit changing the colours and I can't get the same combination of chairs on the screen at the same time (even when I shake my monitor).

    And talking of monitors - I was having a drink with a chappie who is quite well placed with a certain far eastern manufacturing company. He told me that his company as currently making a 10.5 inch screen for Apple for a new product coming soon - he also told me they were making an 18.5 inch screen as well (also for Apple).

    I think i'd better be anon for this one just in case his bosses see this.

  10. sandman
    Thumb Down

    Count me out

    Whether real or fake the form factor is wrong for me, it's simply too large. If Apple produce something about the same size as the Sony Pocket Reader I'd be sorely tempted, but my netbook is the size of the demo model, complete with a real keyboard and an acceptable(ish) Linux OS.

  11. Ammaross Danan


    Yes, that hand has a very definate bluish-tinge of light on it, even when a mostly-black bottom-bar pulls up...

  12. Jedi Name Germinator

    why a title?

    The only real use I have found for my tablet is reading/surfing while in bed.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Look closely

    When he shakes the 'tablet', the response comes too off.

  14. stuartnz
    Jobs Horns

    Still prefer the Courier

    It seems weird sticking up for MS, but the total media fixation on what is still vaporware while ignoring something that may be the first decent bit of MS hardware is so bizarre my inner Quixote feels compelled to tilt at the i-Dolatry that even the Reg seems to have bought into. I just hope MS hurries up with more details on the Courier, or the currently chimaeric Apple Tablet will outsell it without even actually existing

  15. Richard Cartledge


    It's the Athos All-in-One Wonder off QVC.

  16. Poor Coco

    It's not bluescreen, you tools.

    If it was a bluescreen, you'd see traces of it in a halo around the edges of objects on all sides; and this blue light is entirely on the right-facing side of objects. Do you guys think the right-hand side of the guy's hand is transparent? The bluish light is from this amazing high-tech thing you apparently don't have in Britain, called A WINDOW. Not to be mistaken for the M$ type. The blue cast is skylight.

  17. Lawrence 7

    Real, but fake.

    If its fake, someone has put alot of effort into creating the Ikea app. Its very slick.

    I cant really tell, except that the ui is very very quick and responsive, so putting these two things together, along with the back drop, my guess is that this is a UI Demo video, or something similar, used for sell-in purposes.

    In other words, I think its, real, but fake!

  18. Raymond Cranfill
    Paris Hilton

    Fake, really?

    To all who cry fake! I seem to remember all the same arguments regarding pixels, shadows, etc when pictures and video of the new Mac Mini surfaced. Oh look at all those USB ports, Impossible! Mon Dieu, there won't be Firewire 800 in a million years, everyone knows Apple is ditching Firewire! Ha, ha, the joke was on all of you "experts." If indeed, production is to ramp up in January/February of 2010, as suggested by numerous sources, then it really wouldn't be much of a stretch for there to be a prototype or two. Perhaps this one was floating around Apple Europe head quarters. Who knows? Et pour moi, Je le veux immediatement!

    Pourquoi Paris? Pourquoi non!

    1. Adam T

      It's fake

      Pretty good job, someone clearly had a lot of fun making the vid.

      The halos are less obvious than the lighting on the left hand, which is a dead giveaway, as the reflected light is constant throughout. You can test this out for yourself with any LCD, nevermind one as large as that.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the point

    in spending probably about 20 grand on an iTablet to look at Ikea products when you could... i dunno.... go to an Ikea store and look at them there?

    They could of at least mocked up something normal people might actually use.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Please God, no more

    I don't care if the video is fake or real. I'm just tired of hearing about Apple. yet another gee-gaw that people will fall all over themselves to buy. I've had friends dangling their latest iPod/iPhone/whatever in front of me as if it was some candy I would turn green with envy lusting after. Apparently telling them no, I really *don't* care doesn't sink in.

    I hate one button mouses, Quicktime, The Dock and the whole OSX interface, and style over substance. Give me a simple !##$! button to turn the thing on or start a program, not some arcane gesture that's so easy someone has to show me how to do it. Oh, and don't tilt the thing too much or the screen will flip when you least want it.

    If someone handed me an Apple tablet I'd honestly use it as a Frisbee, but nothing will stop the Apple crowd from assuming I'm just jealous.......

  21. Chris 3

    Faked because...

    It's simply not heavy enough. Look at the way he holds the thing and moves it. Much too light.

  22. Ian Moffatt 1

    Newton in the background

    Looks like an OMP to me. Model H1000. Still have a stylus for one of those somewhere, and a PSU for that there eMate.

    As for the tablet - fake or real that seems a pointless piece of kit. You'd have to buy one of those geeky messenger bags and pretend your 20 years old (that'll work for me, I'm 52) or walk around all day with it in your hand. Does it come with a free t-shirt that says 'I'm a posing twat, please rob me'?

    Very impractical. My iPhone pretty much does it all now anyway, although a bluetooth keyboard wouldn't go amiss. For full internet use my iBook suits me as well. This is one piece of Apple kit I won't be buying.

    Real or fake, it's a turkey.

  23. Greg J Preece

    Another vote for fake

    What kind of online store is that? Made with extra zoominess, instantaneous load times and pointless motion effects? Or is that supposed to be a new, extra-swishy version of their downloadable planner that doesn't have any load times at all? I call horseshit on that one.

    Plus, it's massive. How the hell would you carry that around?

    1. Bernie 2
      Gates Halo

      if you think that's massive

      Wait until Microsoft brings out their copy-cat version, the Zablet.

      It's basically just their coffee table computer without legs. Eat THAT Apple!

  24. Dominic Bradbury

    Call me a cynic ...

    Very very clever Viral Ad for Ikea anyone? ...

  25. Stu


    Yes like every other intarnets 'tard who automatically posts "FAKE" everywhere for even genuine products which look slightly good (kind of like those tossers who do that "FIRST POST" thing), I too will claim "FAKE". You've just got to look out for evidence of the fakeryness and its clearly there, the shadows give it away.

    Now will we PLEASE stop posting stupid shit about Apple releasing this legendary "Tabbl-A" as Doctor Michael Jackson's Doctor would say - it simply doesn't exist because all the evidence is all just circumstantial, very loosely connected to this supposed product, and / or just plain olde faked.

    The folks at Apple HQ must be laffing their heads off about this as they get on with their jobs NOT developing an Apple Tablet, and these french wierdies must be laffing their heads off too for getting their Photoshop or Adobe After Effects skills world renowned because of hysteria over said Apple nonexistent product. Thanks El-Reg for making it happen for the surrender monkeys.

  26. Monty Burns

    umm,..... they do know that "no-where-else" is English right but.... the sites in French and in France? confused!? I am!

  27. John Sanders
    Paris Hilton

    That's definately a fake...

    Sofa!, the sofa is fake, don't you see guys that the fabric color does not exist on the Ikea catalog???

    I wonder where are we going to end with those fake pieces of Swedish furniture that invade Europe lately.

    BTW if the tablet is not fake too, It looks way too big and way too thin.

    El Reg!? Where's the "FAKE" Icon???? Come on guys give us our "FAKE" icon with an apple logo underneath...please, please, please, please????

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not Fake ...

    ... it's an ICD Vega.

    / late with comment, catching up with week's news

  29. jimbonbon

    Not fake, I agree...

    @ Ngadz

    Quite agree, this is the ICD device. Tegra from nVidia comes with a very nice touch interface indeed, played around with protos a long time ago now. Check the new HTC HD for example.


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