back to article Music industry website debut turns into a mosh pit

The debut of major record label-owned music site Vevo went awry this week after the site struggled to cope with demand. In a statement, Vevo blamed unexpectedly high-demand for accessibility problems. The traffic is experiencing right now has exceeded even our largest expectations and is multiple orders of magnitude …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Waste of time...

    "Its launch has been restricted by geography."

    Unless this was only meant to be a temporary thing, then it's a complete waste of time and money.

    Artificially creating geographic boundaries to content on the web is full of fail, and the concept of "region locking" and staggered release dates is the sole reason I download my US TV programmes (and the occasional movie)...

    Come up with a new business model, you assclowns, instead of buying our politicians!

    AC, to protect from abuse by the "we hate freetards brigade"...

  2. Paul_Murphy
    Paris Hilton

    Sorry - clarification please.

    >upgraded from IIS 6 to IIS 7 on Wednesday

    As in the 9th? ie yesterday?

    Who would do that? change something like the IIS version the day before it goes live? How much testing did they manage to get in before the 'big red switch' (tm) was err, switched?


    Meanwhile - where's the PH angle?


    1. Michael Hawkes


      Undoubtedly, someone was well-paid to make just such a decision.

      Consultant: What version of IIS are we using?

      Sysadmin: Version 6.

      C: OMG! That's out of date and obsolete. You expect us to go live with that?

      S: Sure. It's patched and up-to-date.

      C: I don't care if it"s patched. We need to upgrade to version 7.

      S: Okay, when?

      C: Now!

      S: You're kidding, right? We go live tomorrow.

      C: NOW!NOW!NOW!


    2. Anonymous Coward

      IIS is Stupid

      It's the <a href="">London Stock Exchange all over again</a>. Windows was just not built for the internet and should hardly be connected as a client. Trying to use it for services is just stupid.

  3. Matt K

    "Q. Are we crocked, then? A. We are Vevo!"

    Best subhead ever.

  4. James 5

    And ...

    .. .I thought I was the only one still listening to Devo!

    1. Goatan

      He was a mongoloid!!

      When Vevo comes along you must whip it.

      Whip it good!

      I've had a few already /excuse

  5. David Perry 2

    IIS in first place?


    Did they look at Apache or lighthttpd? The latter of which I believe youtube use on all their servers 'cos it's lightweight but does everything they need.

  6. MH Media

    Location Location Location

    > If you'd like to be informed when VEVO is available in your country,

    > please submit your email address.

    Tossers! This sounds like the DVD region code thing all over again. Nothing to see here - move along.

  7. Cazzo Enorme

    Another obligatory Devo pun

    I guess they had an Uncontrollable Urge to upgrade IIS.

  8. Kevin 43

    Are they planning to generate traffic based on people mistyping

    Have they registered gego, heho and neno?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Obviously lying.

    >The traffic is experiencing right now [ ... ] is multiple orders of magnitude above what any other online video service has generated at its launch.

    What, they claim to be getting a THOUSAND times more traffic than say YouTube or Google Video did at launch? Yeah, right, I believe you, btw OHHH JIMMY HILL CHIN CHIN.

    Transparent bullshit. The cretins have tried to build a high throughput video streaming architecture on bloody IIS, instead of using a real webserver. What a joke. It's a bloated heap of shovelware that will never come close to getting decent performance levels out of the hardware it runs on.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    These sites are bullshit

    I will continue torrenting my shows, movies and music UNTIL a pay/sub site emerges that:

    1) DOES NOT lock out users based on geolocation;

    2) DOES NOT encumber files with any form of DRM;

    3) DOES NOT lock users into requiring any particular hardware/software brand to play files back (including any specific OS);

    4) DOES NOT require me to install invasive bloatware on my computer;

    5) DOES NOT require me to use any specific browser to visit the site;

    6) DOES make it easy for users to locate and download files without 20 damned click-throughs;

    7) DOES have either a monthly subscription model (say $20 per month) OR charges a reasonable amount per file (say $0.50 per song, $2 - $5 for an album, $1 for a TV episode, $2 - $5 for a movie) OR a cheaper subscription with discounts on purchases;

    8) DOES allow you to download a purchased file several times in case the first attempt fails.

    There is already one such site for 3D modelling enthusiasts where you can download 3D models for very reasonable prices that meets all the above criteria, and it seems to be doing rather well. It's called Daz|Studio ( I was impressed enough that I joined their Platinum Club for $7 a month and I happily spend $20 - $60 a month buying dozens of models from them.

    Their site is a paragon of how a buy-and-download site SHOULD work. All their models are categorised and their product search matches just what you're looking for. Their product SERPs have nice big thumbnails of the model and several more to choose from on the product page when you click on one. Product requirements (which 3D programs it works in, what other models are needed etc) are clearly listed on the product page. They have both a one-click cart for purchases and a cart-like "wishlist" where you can bookmark items you don't want right away but may intend to buy in the future. Buying models is a simple matter of Add to Cart, click Checkout, tick Use Current Credit Card (you give the details to them on your first purchase), click Purchase, and download from the link on your Recent Purchases page. You get multiple tries at downloading in case the first few attempts fail, and the download remains available for a week after you buy it in case you can't get it right away. Clean, simple, user-friendly.

    Go on there and have a play, you'll see for yourself how a buy-and-download site should be. Now if this model works for such a specialist application as 3D modelling, and they can create such an effective site, why the hell can't the damned media pigs do the same thing?

    So until these conditions are met, I will keep on getting media from torrents. End of.

  11. Mike T

    Viva vevo

    long live the king, and all that

  12. Zeus

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

    While it’s not always easy to know how popular a new product or service will be, it is possible to prepare for demand online by deploying web traffic management solutions. The technology ensures sites do not crash under the weight of demand and even prioritises traffic based on variables such as whether a new or long-term customer is attempting to logon. Although web traffic management may require a little forward planning, it does not have to involve a large investment in terms of time or money. Web traffic management software, for instance, is extremely cost effective and very quick to deploy. In a time when downtime, even for a matter of minutes, can have a huge negative impact on brand reputation, it’s essential traffic management is made a top priority.

    Graham Moore, Zeus Technology

  13. Jamie Jones Silver badge


    I had to proxy via one of my US servers to get this to work - damn stupid 'geographic' setups..

    Anyway, needn't have bothered. Slow site, overuse of flash, and a bloody advert for Mcdonalds before the video started.

    If you're after the videos, stick to youtube.

    Me? I'll stick to spotify

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