back to article Epson models wearable PlayStation 3

Stick "extreme" in front of another word and you have a surefire YouTube hit. Epson hopes to power past such greats as extreme ironing and extreme crocheting with... extreme gaming. The term has no official definition - yet - but to Epson it means donning a suit fitted with cables, power pack, PlayStation 3 - the slim one, of …


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  1. mus42

    Great job guys!

    Nice to see Epson aren't wasting any time and money during this Credit Crisis....ooh wait...

  2. Jim 48

    Bang, Bang

    Scenario 1) Wandering around London wearing what looks suspiciously like a bomb vest in a helmet and goggles?

    Scenario 2) Wandering around London wearing a large amount of premium hi-tech kit?

    I give him a week before he's a bloody smear on the pavement.

  3. Lottie


    Why does that guy look like he's wearing an outfit from a £1 shop DVD ripoff of Ghostbusters?

  4. Wize

    Wearable projector?

    There was talk of having projectors (using 3 coloured laser diodes) mounted in phones. Quite small and pocket sized.

    The projector looks as wearable as a desktop PC is portable.

    Why not have a portable game system by lashing a tower case to his back and an old CRT monitor pointing upwards on his stomach. He could even use the tower as a mobile seat.

    He wont look any more silly than this getup.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Yeah that's right

    The reason no one has a PS3 is because you can't wear it on your back.

    Problem solved.

    1. Rob Beard

      XBOX 360

      Even worse is having an XBOX 360 on your back, I mean unless you fork out for the wireless adaptor you're screwed if you want to play online (unless you have a really really really long network cable) :-D

      Personally I'll stick to my DS for mobile gaming.

      Mine is the one with the DS Lite in the pocket.


      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: XBOX 360

        Is that an Xbox 360 on on your back or have you been at the curry again?

  6. Rob Crawford

    Ans the appropiate phrase is

    sad twat

  7. Johnny G


    What a tit!

  8. Simon B
    Thumb Up

    I liked it :)

    Made me smile, a well done video that's not too long, clubbing with it was pretty funny :)

  9. daz disley

    extreme ...

    ... tedium ...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I loved it

    Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

    Seems as though some of you commentards wouldn't know 'a bit of fun' if it skinned you alive.

    What the hell is that comment about the credit crunch?...yawn. That was so February 2009, people have moved on.

    If I wore that suit and someone asked me if I was a god, I'd say YES!.

  11. asdf
    Thumb Down

    bah not portable

    Here I was hoping they had actually changed the form factor of everything which of course the PS3 being Sonys IP they can't do anyway I guess. Still don't dismiss projector portable gaming. As someone who basically lives in hotels due to working away from home, projectors are one of the few ways to decently game in a hotel room. Now if only the lamps would last 10x as long.

  12. Marc Lawrence
    Thumb Up

    Missing the VR gloves... and googles...

    How to push forwards the boundaries of... ? Sometimes it takes an extreme idea to show the concepts and then 2 years down the road Apple will have patented it, and iPhones will be projecting their tedium...

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