back to article Orange sticks it to Ovi with on-device app store

Orange has launched an on-device application store, with transactions being added to the phone bill in just the way the operator Ovi would work 18 months ago. The Orange App Store will list applications as well as widgets and ringtones, and will come pre-installed on handsets from January in the UK and France, but even those …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ovi? over more like

    Never worked, never knew what it was supposed to be never had any user focused experience, just a big old waste of time and money, well done nokia!!!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why bother?

    The OVI app on my N97 is okay (it actually works pretty well and alot of cool stuff is free)...but most of my apps have been taken from that thar interweb because they get released there first then added to the store at a later date. I have no doubt in my mind that Orange will be at least a month behind the releases making their store useless.

  3. bbj

    Why bother indeed...

    Having attended the Orange app store developer day, their app store:

    i) its only containing app, not games - because games are not apps.

    ii) its only going to have a maximum of 500 items in it - because 100,000 is too many - and yes this was questioned and very clearly restated. In fairness they did suggest 520 apps might not be out of the question. But no sensible answer if you had product 501/521...

    iii) you have to deal with Orange - hope you like slow painful deaths

    iv) it will contain brain games, because - ***** knows what logical reason.

    v) brain games means only brain training games, not any other game type that might exercise your brain

    vi) but its not going to contain games, only applications.

    vii) Orange refuse to give any idea about the sort of reveune split - all that means is they will try and screw developers as much as they think they can get away with rather than being open/honest/forthright about it

    I could go on for hours about how stupid the whole plan is but I imagine you get the picture....

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The ovi Store

    Is shite anyway, have you seen some of the crap that is on there, it's a complete joke.

    The non-free apps are all like £3.50 for the stupidest little utility, and the free ones are hardly worth downloading unless you are really really really bored and want to see a flash app video of a disco ball spinning on your screen.

    It's an industry that caters for a certain type of person methinks.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Hannah Montana

      However I doubt Orange's store will offer anything different from the usual junk like this.

      Only stores with content fed by geeks will actually produce anything useful. Thing is, until the iPhone came along (and I'm no fan by the way), most of the mobile apps being produced were junk of the tacky screensaver/ringtone variety churned out by the usual junk factories who live off the fact people are idiots and will pay money for crap.

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