back to article EC needs new agency for three-headed security database

The European Data Protection Supervisor has called for a new agency to be set up to oversee the massive three-horned citizen watching database proposed by Brussels earlier this year. The Commission in June proposed an agency - "responsible for the long-term operational management of the second-generation Schengen Information …


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  1. Paolo Marini

    European "public" cloud?

    I know that the public sector usually takes longer to adopt new technologies, but when it does they seem to work well.

    Could this be a chance to show some initiative on this side of the pond (and this side of the Channel too, since UK is not part of the Schengen agreement and therefore doesn't have access to its security database) and actually setup some "cloud" (virtual) storage and computing for this?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not that kind of cloud

    Is there a clear idea of how the gathered data will be put into context and made useful information, or is it yet another attempt at fattening a bog standard goose and hope it'll eventually start to lay golden eggs? If it's the latter, it's worse than useless because it's another disaster waiting to happen with the usual low information/data rate. So low, in fact, that it'll be well under unprofitable spam success rates.

  3. Evil_Trev


    They should just drop the 'freedom' bit, since it's a bit misleading.

    And change the Justice to Injustice

    or rebrand to: A new Agency for losing even more data on USB porn sticks.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Injustice for all (execpt rulers)

    "He proposes that it should be a really independent agency: "an independent entity which does not not have its own interest as user of the database"."

    He wants it to be "really independent ", meaning no supervising, unlimited budget and no limit to the amount of data they may collect or how long.

    _That's_ "really independent " means when a politician says that. Of course, he sees himself as the head of this agency with huge salary and a slice of profit to his own pocket, generated from selling all the data agency has collected. Of course tax payers are paying all the expenses.

  5. Steve Roper

    To paraphrase Arthur Dent

    This is obviously some strange usage of the word "freedom" that I was not previously aware of.

  6. John Hughes

    Europol != Interpol

    Nothing more to add.

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