back to article BT's unified comm cloud goes global

British Telecom is eying world domination with the expansion of its hosted unified communications services under a new pact with Cisco Systems. BT will expand its cloud-based IP telephony service into the US, mainland Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2010, and into Asia Pacific the following year. Already available in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same BT ...

    Is this the same BT whose much delayed much overhyped 21CN not-yet-national DSL broadband network is *designed* with multiple critical single points of failure? [1]

    Or are there still parts of BT that have a clue, and this service is provided by one of them?


  2. Steve M BTGS UC Overlord!

    The difference between national and global...

    This is a BT Global services offering jointly with Cisco. They obviously think we have "clue enough" to want to enter into this global venture with us.

    We're giving global customers the first ever true global "centrex" offering with single vender technology and a single service provider. We think that's pretty sensible :-)

  3. Steve M BTGS UC Overlord!

    The differencde between Global and Domestic???

    this is a BT Global Services offering and Cisco obviously think we have "clue enough" to want to partner with us on it.

    For the first time this gives global customers a Centrex solution with a single vendor solution and single service provider, rather than the smoke and mirror options that are kicking around today :-))

  4. Stephen Mullan 1
    Thumb Up


    Personally i think this is a great move, i'm based in the middle east and costs here are huge, last month office bill for phone and internet was £16,000 and we are only a small office with 2MB internet and half of this cost is for that. There is no competition at all, so they can charge what they want. Give me somone to cut back costs, esp interoffice (calling our offices all over the world is 90 percent of our calls) and i'm sold. P.s. i know it would save costs to go VOIP, but offically thats illegal here, coming to think about it, how will they get around that.

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