back to article Say hello to Seagate's Pulsar SSD

Seagate has announced its Pulsar solid state drive (SSD) for blade and other format servers, saying it is only the first of several enterprise SSD products. Pulsar is a 2.5-inch form factor product using single level cell (SLC) flash and fitting in a standard 2.5-inch drive bay with its 7mm z-height. The drive has a 3Gbit/s …


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  1. Doug Glass
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    Enterprise Class = ...

    ...Fail on a corporate scale.

  2. -tim
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    Its can't be enterprise

    If it was enterprise class it would let my file system decide how to wear level the blocks and it would allow me to force an erase for blocks that I know have sensitive data.

  3. Chris Mellor 1

    Supercapacitor used

    Here is a clarification sent in by Seagate: "We do not use DRAM cache on Pulsar. We use a supercap to flush data from volatile buffers upon unexpected power loss to ensure graceful shut down."


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