back to article CrunchPad gets JooJoo eyeballed

The manufacturer of the late CrunchPad has revealed the device as it stands. It now goes under the name JooJoo and is ready for pre-ordering, despite the lack of details or launch date. The device's designer, Fusion Garage, revealed the JooJoo in a video launch. They claim that Michael Arrington, and TechCrunch, have no …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Love the name (seriously)

    No chance of Nick Griffin endorsing it.

  2. lukewarmdog


    I'm more worried by the throwback holding the shiny

  3. Dave Murray Silver badge


    Very dodgy photo... not only does the device appear to be green screen mono but the guy demonstrating it seems to have been made by Jim Henson's Creature Workshop!

  4. mafoo

    A but late

    How is this better than an iPod Touch? Apart from that retro VT100 look, of course.

  5. OffBeatMammal

    At least Amstrad...

    ... had real Barrow Boy cred. This guy just has business practicies that make Arthur Daley blush.

    (Oh, I'm talking about the JooJoo man not Arrington)

    Given these guys track record so far I can only imagine the support for this device will be stellar... perhaps on par with Archos at their worst (though to put it in perspective most computer brands are pretty crap once you've forked over your cash... I've had bad experiences with Sony, HP and Acer)

    I guess we'll never get to the bottom of the CrunchyPod story but it'll fade away leacing Viliv and Archos to do what they do best

  6. Kevin 6

    Is this

    Is the pic a throwback to those Geico commercials that its so simple a caveman can use it?

    For around $500 you can buy various full blown laptops/tablets that run Windows, and Linux not some stripped POS with a proprietary OS.

    And did they use a giant indiglo backlight from a timex watch for a backlight? Only ask because that is the same exact color my watch turns when I press the button.

    They should save the time and just close up shop now.

  7. Tony Paulazzo


    Seriously, I want one, with the vulture logo and everything. And even tho it's gonna be underpowered with a crappy touchscreen make sure you announce a release date then say nothing when that date comes and goes. Also, even tho you're UK based, please ensure the yanks pay half of what we have to (it makes us feel special; getting rogered from behind whilst trying to convince ourselves we love it). Oh, and if you could demonstrate the unit with a TV reciever (i before the e except after c - darn) then not include that in any finished product that would be the icing on the cake.

    I can't wait, in fact I'm off to make a blog about it right now...

    Crunchpad, what's that then? sounds like a cereal.

  8. Glen Turner 666
    Paris Hilton


    They really must take some advice from the Asus EeePC about pre-release photography.

    Paris: as she'd model for free, because even she knows what a git Arrington is.

  9. Robin


    I'd actually buy a RegPad.

    Get working, you lot...

  10. Haku

    $500? seriously?

    So for the price of an Asus T91 you can buy something from a little known company which is probably going to get its ass sued off by someone well known who came up with the idea and had it 'stolen' from them?

    A tablet running a proprietary OS or a full-blown netbook from a very well known company running XP with a swivel touchscreen that can fold into a tablet shape, Windows 7 version out next year with a multi-touch screen. Hmm, I wonder which I'd choose.

    Now, where's the goodluckwiththat tag...

  11. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    But the carbon arc backlight gives great colour rendering


    12" screen + WiFi + Proprietary OS = 5 Hr battery life @$500

    Are you pulling some part of my anatomy?

    I've often wondered how people start designing portable products. It seems they throw in all the goodies *then* try to find some battery that can source enough juice to run them all. What? You can barely lift it and it last 15mins. Tough.

    Here's an idea. Choose a battery pack design used by some mfg normal people have heard of and 2nd (or more) sourced by others. Then work backwards. Like software optimisation. First you profile, then you tune. Bad news is PSU and power management is heavily analogue.

    There's a book (Analogue Design?) of interviews with major players in this area. One is with the designer of the backlight driver for the Apple portable. It was not simple.

    Leading edge performance is always going to be expensive but this is *so* far below what people can reasonably *expect* to be achievable given what this is *doing* most of the time (yes it is a fair sized screen. Yes it is backlit. But a custom OS should be pulling minimal cycles once a page is rendered. No HDD, WiFi activity should be near zero once download is complete. Anti virus?) that I think the sales result is in the bag. The garbage bag.

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