back to article Google fits Android for visual search Goggles

Google has introduced a new visual-search technology for Android phones, giving it the inevitably cutesy name of Google Goggles. Part of a trio of Monday announcements concerning voice, location, and visual search technologies, Google Goggles matches a photo you take with your Android phone with images in - where else? - …


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  1. Gerard Krupa

    Comparing the meerkat

    Very impressive. It thought my wireless mouse was anything from an Egyptian pyramid to a pair of meerkats and matched my can of redbull with a picture of an actual cow.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    And don forget...

    ..your privacy means all belongs to them, to sell as they see fit.

  3. spencer

    'Available on the Marketplace'

    I can't see it on my Hero. Can anyone see it?

    (i'm in the uk, don't know if that makes a difference)

  4. Graf
    Thumb Down

    Title Title Title

    I'm sure this is great news for the good old US of A.

    Now where do I go for my blighty stories....

  5. James Dunmore

    Just tried it.....

    Impressively identified a can of lynx, but couldn't work out the BT tower.

    Looks like it could be great fun - similar idea to things like the layer browser, etc.

  6. Patrick O'Reilly


    I've been frustrated wondering why I couldn't see the Goggles on my Hero, thanks for pointing out it's 1.6 and above.

    The augemented reality doesn't look as impressive as the Layar platform.

  7. Eponymous Cowherd
    Thumb Down

    Borderline FAIL

    Only seems to work when the image contains text or barcode *and* it manages to correctly recognise it (which is hit and miss). Complete failure on any*thing* I've tried, including what I assumed to be easily recognisable shapes (cars, bicycles, telephones, cups, etc).The only thing it recognised was a (computer) keyboard.

    Interesting idea, and fun to play with, but currently almost useless.

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