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You don't want to find stale donuts in your local patisserie, you want the freshest treats available. Likewise, you want the latest, most up-to-date smartphone operating system which, in the case of Android, means choosing Éclair. Android 2.0   Android 2.0 Google Android 2.0: coming soon to a handset near you Éclair – also …


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  1. Stef 2


    I've seen some of those features in Cyanogen's 1.6 ROM, be interesting to see if 2.0 will fit on my G1, it's reportedly too big.

  2. Jimmy Floyd


    How are the IMAP capabilities looking on the new e-mail package? The Hero / G2 Touch is a lovely device but Android's standard mail package is a complete dog if you filter your e-mail into folders at the server end.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Try the K9 Mail app. It seems to handle IMAP folders better, and even supports "push" via IMAP IDLE. Only catch is it seems to be slightly unstable, as I've had it force close on me a few times.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why the blurring?

    Why have the email addresses been blurred in the screen shots? Surely if they have something to hide they probably shouldn't be doing it. Someone once said that.

    You know I don't like iPod, and iPhone. I don't like Apple's control of it. It doesn't seem like it's my phone, in fact when I install their iTunes crud on my computer, it seems more like Apple owns MY computer.

    There are so many unwanted processes installed, so many drivers, DNS Responder, Bonjour, etc. I can see the traffic it generates and ended up uninstalling it rather than have a sync with my computer.

    I also don't install anything on the iPod that is personal to me, just because it seems to me that one flick of a switch and everything that is mine becomes Apples.

    Because of this, I was tempted by Android, but there's that privacy problem Google has. They DO NOT NEED to keep the search queries yet they do, and now Schmidt has been open about Googles attitude to it, I don't want their phone.

    Sorry, my privacy may not be important to Mr Schmidt but it is to me, and that is why I won't be buying an Android after all.

    1. c3
      Big Brother

      So you wrote half a page to bitch about the iPhone and Android that you don't own and won't buy

      You knew about Google's "privacy problem" long before they created the Androit platform, so how were you tempted by it ? I call bullshit. You just wanted to bitch a little bit about Google without seeming an unreasonable ass (which you are) and since you were at it you took the opportunity to bitch about Apple as well.

      If your privacy is so damn important to you and everybody is out to get you, how about you get off the fuckin' Internet and leave us alone. Cause here we can all see you. We got your IP and we know who you are. We're coming for you. Better throw away your computer and run hide in that cave.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who is


  5. dave 93

    iphone port?

    Some bright spark could make a killing offering a 25 quid Android for iphone. Turn by turn navigation is worth that price alone. I'm guessing that the iphone hardware is powerful enough, no? I like my iphone, but I am a bit bored with it now...

    1. Mage Silver badge

      Bored with iphone?

      It's supposed to be a Phone. Not a toy.

      When the E65 came out I had fun installing Sat Navs, Maps, pairing with BT keyboard, laptop, BT GPS etc.. Installing Scumm for Games, VNC, Putty etc. Streaming music clients, barcode decoding via camera etc. Setting up email accounts, browsing websites.

      Now I use it for what I bought it for. Phone calls and occassional SMS or Snap if I don't have real camera.

      I've tested a lot of gadgets and built a VOIP touchscreen PDA running Qtopia & Linux. I conclude that really anything less than 800x480 @ 4.5" to 5" approx is a novelty for anything productive. Even the iphone screen is just too small and too low a resolution.

      A 5" 800x480 gadget can *just* be pocket sized if the designer is clever (1024x 400 might fit in pocket better), but for a phone with no buttons (stupid) an iPhone has a big a screen as you would want. For an actual PHONE that is mostly for phone calls, a smaller screen and physical keypad is more ergonomic.

  6. Keller Drozdick

    Meeting specs of Palm Pre?

    Glad to see they are learning something from my Palm Pre, regarding the multiple e-mails, contacts, and calendars. It did include syncing with mutliple calendars, right?

    1. Joshua Murray

      Calendar Sync

      I sync to my own Google Calendar plus a shared Google Calendar already with my 1.5 Android Pulse.

      I can choose which calendar I want to create a new item in, and they're coloured different in the views.

      Do you mean syncing with someone elses calendar in addition to your own, or Google plus a different published calendar (as I've not tried that)?

  7. Bryan Anderson
    Paris Hilton

    No mention of the basic faults....

    Hopefully they have now added a way to delete multiple emails in one go, and a way to empty the deleted items in one go as well. And maybe even a notes app that can sync to the desktop. And a WiFi driver that doesn't disconnect when it feels like it and need WiFi turning off then back on again to re-connect. And a calendar app that actually shows a week in a useable format (like Agenda Fusion and Agendus used to do on my Palm).

    And I wonder how many existing devices will get this update. At least iPhone users GET the updates all at the same time. I have two Android phones in the house and one of them is still on 1.5, one on 1.6 and no idea if either will get an update.

    Paris - because like the Android, I like the look of her but not sure if I could live with her.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      What are you on about?

      There's no such thing as 'deleted items' that needs emptying in the default Android mail client (Gmail), so you're probably talking about an HTC app. And the wifi driver has been faultless for me in 8 months of use on my Magic.

      1. Bryan Anderson

        @AC 12:28GMT

        That's nice that the WiFi driver is working for you. Doesn't change the fact that it doesn't work on my device. "It works for me" is not a very helpful response.

        And as far as the email goes - I don't USE the Gmail app. Why would I want to use that when my email address is my own domain? I am using the actual Email application which DOES have a deleted items folder. We're not all going to convert to Google email addresses just for a phone.

        1. TeeCee Gold badge

          Driver pain.

          Ah! The old "this phone's got it right but this one's dropped a bollock" when it comes to comms drivers, bundled apps and so on?

          Just like, dare I say it, Windows Mobile then?

          Maybe Apple's "we own the OS, we own the hardware and when it comes to apps, we own your sorry arse" is the only approach that really works.

          As an owner of a cheap, stable WinMo 6.1 device with the excellent Spb shell on it, all let down on the telephony/mobile data side by a seriously shoddy RIL, you have my sympathies.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Why would I want to use that?

          Because it works.

          I have my email on my own domain, but use gmail anyway. With the ability to use my own SMTP servers for sending, and the reply-to address defaulting to my domain address, the only person that knows I even use a google account is me. I don't use an address - it's all done through my domain, but using a Gmail account as the back-end storage means I still get the advantage of free push mail to my Android device, plus I have access to all my emails wherever I am.

          Besides, if you want a better POP client on Android, use K9.

  8. Blotto Scotto


    Any sign of a programmable MIDI synth rather than a sequencer?

  9. Daniel Owen


    Can't wait for the update on my Hero.

    Turn by turn navigation will be great thing to have :)

    Does anyone know what they have done with the bluetooth in 2.X? Can you now transfer contacts?

  10. jon 77

    To AC 8th December 2009 15:29....

    well, do YOU want 1000's of emails from readers of this review, asking for the *truth* on the subject??

    I guess that is why YOU don't want to reveal any hint of YOUR email..... >:(

  11. Ebeneser
    Big Brother


    Think we're entering an era where the phone is your life, or at least contains more about you than any biometric universal id ever could. Only problem is that everything on it is accessible by Government, Law enforcement agencies and the Security Forces, so that they are better able to look after you and keep you safe for all the Global threats that regularly appear to justify their existence.

    Simple fact is that if you use a modern smart phone you have no privacy, pretty much by definition. Cloud connected, location sensing, always on, a 'friend' in your pocket. Two ways of dealing with this, get used to it, or get rid of your phone.

    1. Bryan Anderson


      Scary thing is, my thirteen year old came up with a great plan for the Government to issue every teenager in the country with a smartphone with sat nav so that they can use it for school work (much like some local government did with iPod Touch I think) and also to keep medical records and stuff on. He seemed to be not in the least concerned that the very same Government could then poke their nose into who he was calling, what he was saying, what he was texting and what grotty smut he was looking at on the net! If this is the way kids now think then it's goodbye to civil liberties in fifteen years time.

  12. chistery


    Got a Galaxy?

    "Samsung HQ are currently not supporting a migration path to upgrade Galaxy to Android 2.0. Samsung UK continue to push for this but confidence on the change is low as Samsung HQ will be launching new devices on Android 2.0 in Q1."

    From O2, today.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      ..and potentially troublesome. If manufacturers try that "screw you, hippy, buy our new phone" instead of offering a software upgrade, they're throwing away one of the major benefits of Android. At that point, the iPhone OS upgrades for a few quid start looking like a good deal...

      1. Simon Says

        it's free!

        Small point, but the iPhone OS upgrades are completely free. It's the iPod Touch OS upgrades that carry a small charge.

        Reading through these comments it is interesting to read that so many of the shortfalls that Apple are so often bereated for are actually found in Android too (at least pre-2.0 anyway). At least with Apple you know you are getting an OS upgrade for every iPhone, and for free.

        That said it does look like Google are at least listening to their users and trying to correct issues which people find particularly problematic. It typically takes Apple much longer to respond to the criticisms of their OS - MMS anyone?

        It will be interesting to see what sort of effect Android 2.0 has on Apple and whether it will have any influence on what direction the development of the next version of the iPhone OS takes.

  13. Chris Pearson

    Coming to hero, but when?

    I know it's coming to Hero, but when? HTC aren't saying anything but I have heard rumors of this side of Christmas, but thats it. HTCs twitter seems to be the only news source for them I can find thats updated regularly.

    Then of course there will be the 2 week delay while they add the orange logo on boot. Hopefully they will at least include orange maps on the ROM.

  14. TeeCee Gold badge

    Exchange sync?

    Ah, the "killer app". Now if they've done a good job here and managed to do this while also letting the thing tell Exchange to go f*** itself as regards its pushed usage policies, this may be the thing that persuades me to ditch WinMo for Android.

    Yeah, I know a bit of MortScript running in the background can (and does) reset all the WinMo registry settings after Exchange has stomped on 'em, but it just seems so inelegant......

  15. MS Rocks

    @ C3

    Hmmmm, perhaps he dislikes the fact that everything he potentially does online with his shiny android handset will be captured by Google and the information gleaned used to push unwanted products down his throat. Puts me off. The ‘do no evil’ crowd are basically a bunch of advertising sales people and the bulk of the consumers of their products are just too dumb to realise it.

  16. Mage Silver badge
    Black Helicopters


    Moblin, Symbian, Bada, WinMo and Maemo are all preferable.

    It doesn't matter how open the source is of Android, nor how cute and good the UI or apps are. Android also isn't about Linux or native Linux apps, but about running apps in Google's concept of Java.

    Android (like the brain dead ChromeOS) is about Control & Lockin. Just like iPhone, except worse as Google no doubt will store everything.

    Which phones do you have to jail-break to install native apps from arbitrary source or your own?

    I don't wish to assist Google in their World Dominationo plans.

  17. Ben Rosenthal

    some people

    seem to get confused about which is which when it comes to whether certain functions and configurations are down to google Android or down to the phone manufacturers own preference.

    but most just go "huh" and ask you to kindly leave sir.

  18. Michael C

    iPhine not perfect, but Verizon's network is not an alternative

    Look, yea the iPhone could add some APIs for the iPod interface to allow backround streaming (already rumored to be coming in 3.2/3.3 OS), and they could do something similar for GPS (I'd even accept that it would only work that way when docked to protect battery life, which btw, GPS background support is rumored for OS 4). It lacks FM tunig (except it;s there in the hardware, and folks have already found the APIs for it in the current beta build, so it;s likely coming REAL soon).

    All that, which isn't a big deal. Yes, someone could make a better device (it would have to be a lot better), but even then, I'm not leaving AT&T's 3G netowrk for Verizon's:

    1) can't do voice and data at the same time on their network. BIG PROBLEMm i do this 5-10 times a day with my iPhone. Can't look up e-mails on a call, can't talk while looking up an address, can't send a text while streaming music, phone won;t even ring. This is a HUGE issue noone is playing up properly

    2) Verizon costs more. Plans are the same prices for the same minutes, but no rollover minutes. Data plan is capped at 5GB with rediculous overage charges. ActiveSync use (even via your own server) requires an additional $15 above the $30 data plan. Tethering (when it finally becomes available, some time mid 2010) will reportedly be $40 a month, compared to AT&T rumored to be offering it for "not more than $20." Termination fees are doubled. Phone protection plans cost more. Prorated replacements are STRICTLY held to once every 2 years (vs AT&T making deals equal to Verizons at 12 months, and double that at 18).

    3) Verizon support SUCKS compared to AT&T. There's a whole group dedicated to just iPhone support, and they're good at it. I've had far more billing issues with Verizon as well.

    4) Your Google Voice number can not be in your "circle."

    If someone comes out with an awesome iPhone competitor that's on AT&T, I'll switch, given the following: Device construction must be rock solid, no scratched screens, no cheap plastic, no flimsy feel, no bulky design, no slide-out keyboard; OS should be even more mature than Android though android is getting much better (3.0 might do it); There needs to be a thriving marketplace with tens of thousands of GOOD applications, with many free and most under $5, and big-name published apps and games for $10 or less; it has to have some powerful hardware with a better 3D frame rate than the iPhone in higher resolution; multi-tough is a requirement across all apps, GPS services should be free (if not turn by turn at least what google maps can do); Camera must have autofocus no fixed focus and take good video and at least 3MP images; It needs to do 720p or better output directly to a TV with a simple cable; it should sync at least contacts, mail, and basic items over bluetooth (music and video would be unbearably slow over that, so that can be ignored), and if possible include WUSB; it has to work with Mac and PC equally, and should get Apple's full partnership or a complete custom app to sync natively with iTunes (does not require full integration, only iTunes support via XML file for syncing all media objects in both directions); must have FULL exchange supoport, including free/bust, meeting creation, and label and flag support. Anything less, and its not better.

  19. Oli 1


    I have the milestone, anyone know when Google are gonna update the maps to incloude turn by turn nav. At the moment its coming out the box with motorolas own brand GPS software which is a tad slow and will apparently expire after 2 months.

    One of the major selling points for me was free turn by turn navigation!

    Otherwise, phone of the year for me.

    Shits all over my sisters iphone (main thing being multiple apps running)

    Was the only logical upgrade path from a N95 8GB that i would consider.

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