back to article Bonuses all round for failing Border Agency

The UK Border Agency is paying out £295,000 in bonuses to senior staff despite its ongoing struggle with a backlog of thousands of mystery cases. The Home Affairs Committee's latest report into the UKBA found that although it has worked through about half of its 450,000 backlog, it still does not expect to finish until summer …


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  1. Paul_Murphy
    Paris Hilton

    Sounds as though it's all going to plan.

    It's just a question of whose plan is it..

    Though does the maths work out?

    Deported (14% of 220,000) 30,800

    Can stay (34% of 220,000) 74,800

    Duplicates 4,000

    Errors 88,500

    EU 8,500

    Total 206,600

    Leaves (220,000 - 206,600) 13,400

    or a little over 5%

    Or am I incorrectly interpreting the figures given?


    PH - cos of her figure, not much wrong there.

    1. Bilgepipe
      Gates Horns


      I think the "error" ones can be pretty much categorised as "we don't know."

    2. Snowy

      Them numbers look very neat!

      Total number concluded Of which, main applicants Of which, dependents

      Removals 30,000 (14%) 28,000 2,500

      Grants 74,000 (34%) 41,500 32,500

      Others 116,000 (52%) 100,500 15,500

      Total 220,000 170,000 50,500

      The other total should be made up of the duplicated (4000) , errors (88500) and EU (8500) numbers (100,500) [My figures come from the report]

      The 15,500 unaccounted for appear to be "Cases where attempts to contact the applicant have been unsuccessful and subsequently the case has been in the archive for more than six months"

      Nice how all the numbers have been rounded to the nearest 500 and the percentage figures to the nearest %. Deported 14% should be 13.6% for example.

      Failed becuase the numbers have been rounded way to much.

  2. Gary F

    Rewards for failure

    Why does the culture exist in the public sector that makes it acceptable to reward failure? Those who don't yet work for the Government don't expect bonuses unless they have exceeded expectations. (Well, apart from the banking sector but 1/4 of them effectively work for the Government now anyway!)

    And the million+ people who own or work for small businesses don't expect any kind of reward for their hard work, they're just happy to have kept their jobs and the business's head floating above water.

  3. myhandle

    One word

    Windfall tax.

    1. The Original Ash

      Three types of people in the world

      Those who can count, and those who can't.

      More on topic: WOOOO GO GOVERNMENT SPENDING! >-(

  4. Scott 19
    IT Angle

    Episode III - An Old Story

    Civil servants making politicians look competent since 1901.

    I was going to c heck the odds on this country be the first to regress but to a third world tin pot regime then realised if i have my way i'll be living in that modern free thinking country China.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Where do I sign up......

    So, £295,000/29=£10172 average per person! You don't get that in the private sector these days (unless you work in a bank of course). And that's £10172 for fucking up. If I did that in my job I wouldn't have one anymore. WOW.

  6. Iain Watson 1

    Warped maths

    So is that £10,000 each or is it more likely that one lucky bugger gets £200,00 and the other 28 get to fight over the remainer.

  7. lukewarmdog

    cost of bravery

    I wonder if these brave immigration staff will get medals. Maybe they'll be made into MPs or granted knighthoods, permission to sit in the Lords or something. Really, nothing could be too good for these people. Except maybe hanging.

    1. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge

      I suppose

      This should be put in context. The Minister with his hands in the till - whoops, responsible - appeared on the R4 Today programme to protest how brave his staff were. While I can well believe those at the sharper end will be putting themselves at risk, he also specifically said that the 29 individuals were all 'senior management'. Can anyone guess how brave they have been in the face of dangerous immigration - or was he referring to the bravery of accepting the bonus given current economic, political and competence circumstances?

  8. Andrew Culpeck

    @ Scott 19

    Mind if I join you. My employers ever have an offic in Hong Kong.

  9. Oliver Mayes

    A simple solution

    We just need to instigate some sort of system where all citizens are issued with some form of identification, say a card of some sort. That will prove who you are and that you have a right to be here.

    1. Ian 54

      Simple solution

      Oliver, excellent idea, but there might be some resistance at first so we'd need to make it completely voluntary at first. Then, when it is blindingly obvious that an ID card scheme that you don't have to join is about as good as a Labour Government, sorry!, I meant chocolate teapot, we can move to the "compulsory" stage, and introduce a few new "anti-terrorist" laws to let the police stop anyone they want in an area that has been designated as sensitive (so sensitive in fact that no-one can know where it is) and shoot them on the spot if they either a) don't have an ID card or b) look a bit dodgy.

      Thanks for your support on this


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    news from the frontline

    It's more than mere bravery. Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister For Repelling Foreign Devils or whatever it is he does was on Radio 4 this morning pronouncing that 'I'm defending my staff who put their lives on the line for us'.

    Hope this clears things up.

    1. Scott 19


      Sod the soldiers then these guys at UKBA are laying there lives on the line for us.

      As tit(le) says....IDIOT.

  11. Matt 21

    Civil Servantes

    I don't think we can conclude that they've been rewarded for screwing up. If the rubbish they've produced is the rubbish they were asked for then its hardly their fault is it?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    ahhhh, now it makes sense....

    I always wondered why the UK didn't join the Schengen agreement.

    Now it makes sense - the rest of Europe wouldn't let us join as we haven't a clue who is coming in through our outer borders.

  13. JMB

    Bonuses all round for failing Border Agency

    The interview of some government muppet by John Humphries this morning was funny. He kept saying how they had worked hard and deserved their bonus. John Humphries kept responding with "so they have done the job they are paid for so why do they need they paying extra?".

    As usual it is just the senior people who are considered hard enough to get £10,000 bonuses, not the people doing the actual real hard work in unpleasant and possibly dangerous circumstances.

    They just don't understand why people are so angry about automatic bonuses to senior staff.


  14. David Neil

    This is the same Govt which is whining about RBS bonuses?

    Left Hand, meet Right Hand

  15. Anonymous Coward

    And the poor sods who actually put.........

    their life on the line in combat, get close to jack if they are invalided. I liked the story yesterday when Headley Court was mentioned and how maybe the govins could see to it that they were paid similar amounts from the same fund as victims of crime. Excuse me but that should be the very least that they get. Give them the £47m in bonuses this year the MoD are about to get for not getting the right kit to them in the first place.

  16. Mark 184

    Burn them all...

    OK, neck on the block time.

    This sounds like a story and subsequent knee-jerk reaction you get in the Daily Mail.

    Have any of you armchair revolutionaries done any kind of research into last year's (last decade's, or even verified this year's) figures?

    Maybe, just maybe, the management haven't been there for 20 years, inherited an absolute shambles from the 90s and have pulled a blinder of a job this year putting a huge dent in a massive backlog...

    Maybe they get paid less and have a bonus system to encourage them to do a good job.

    The may of even earned what they got paid.

    Luckily for them the Daily Mail doesn't encourage witch burning any more because otherwise there'd be a massed army of hysterical bloggers wielding virtual pitchforks right now...

    I'm sure that in all probability they're overpaid idiots on the gravy train - I just can't be arsed to go and find out.

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