back to article One in 200 success rate keeps phishing economy ticking over

Phishers only need to land a minute percentage of victims to make scams worthwhile. Stats culled from Trusteer's anti-phishing browser plug-in, which is offered by banks to their clients as a transaction security add-on, revealed that 0.47 per cent of a bank’s customers fall victim to phishing attacks each year. The figure …


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  1. JasonW

    Who are these 0.47%?

    They shouldn't be left in charge of a bath, never mind a bank account.

  2. JP19


    A survey of people who have opted to install an anti-pishing plugin is representative of all people in what way?

    I am more surprised that only 0.47% of those installing the plugin bothered testing it (if that is what the 0.47% figure means) and how do they know these people were trying to enter valid information before the plugin saved them?

  3. wsm


    Did you just say that the thieves are stealing from each other? No matter how that old saying is interpreted, there truly is no honor among thieves.

  4. kclarke

    Anti-phishing training

    When it comes to spear phishing attacks, the success rate for phishers based on studies conducted by Wombat Security Technologies is often as high as 50 percent.

    Effective training solutions such as our Anti-Phishing Phil online training game have been shown to greatly reduce the number of people who fall for these attacks by 50 percent or more.

    You can learn more by reading our PhishGuru white paper An Empirical Evaluation of PhishGuru embedded training:

This topic is closed for new posts.

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