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Yes, Apple dominates the PMP scene - for all those who grumble about the quality of its earphones. That didn't stop other manufacturers, most notably Sony, offering some darn fine alternatives in 2009, either by fighting back on price - Philips - or sound quality - Sony. But its hard to beat the all-round, utterly slim …


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  1. Fogcat

    More storage please

    Can someone other than Apple make a pocketable music player with more than 60Gb of storage please. until then I'm sticking with my upgraded Iriver H140 (now H160).

    1. Stacy
      Thumb Up

      Here here

      The *only* reason I went to apple when I went from an MD players to an MP3 player was capacity.

      (OK I now have an iPhone which sucks @16GB, but the rest of the phone made it worth while...)

    2. roy lovelock

      archos 5 internet tablet?

      upto 500gb hard drive based, 32gb flash with micro sd card slot. and running opensource ANDROID. say no more

    3. Dale Richards

      Reply to post: More storage please

      Agreed. Paying through the nose for players that only store 16 GB of music seems like a giant backwards leap to me.

      The iPod Classic seems like the best music player at the moment, but it costs a fortune and relies at least partly on the steaming pile that is iTunes.

  2. Dave 129

    Cowon S9?

    No mention of the Cowon S9 at all. Has it fallen out of favour with El' Reg?

  3. Neill Mitchell

    Archos 5 IT?

    So I guess you've dropped your ridiculous 90% rating for the flaky bug ridden (and still unavailable, but we'll take your money anyway) Archos Android then El Reg?

  4. Paul Thomas 1


    My experience is that for Archos kit their support and returns are beyond awful and on personal experience unreliable/flaky products are the norm, personally I'll never buy Archos again after my last experience with them. and never forget no matter what the sticker price you'll be expected to shell out extra once you've bought it for what is standard functionality on other devices which pushes the price point up.

  5. kiran_mk2

    8GB iPod Touch

    Umm - I wouldn't recommend the 8GB iTouch as it's basically last years model with the new firmware. Only the 32/64 GB versions have the new faster innards based on the 3GS.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    wot no Cowon?

    Surely, if you want the best in audio quality then there simply is nothing better than the Cowon range of PMP players? (I do not work for Cowon).

    I challenge anyone who isn't tone deaf to try out tthe Apple touch, sony and a cowon a2 for example and not be able to hear the quality in the Cowon. It's a trade secret that Cowon have the best audio qualtiy- well, not any longer now that i have let it out of the bag.

  7. mafoo

    dont get the 8Gb iPod

    "The 32GB and 64GB models are really for video fans rather than gaming buffs, since they're all about capacity."

    The 32 and 64 are all about the games due, as kiran_mk2 said, they have the faster chips, as well as support for (more) OpenGL ES shaders.

    So if you want your ipod for a games machine, you very much want to get the 16Gb minimum.

  8. Greg J Preece

    Cowon S9?

    I seem to remember you calling it the "first real iPod touch killer"...

    Best audio quality going, hands down, and a higher review score than the runners up. What gives?

  9. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Cowon S9?

    We did, but that was reviewed in 2008. These are 2009's top products.

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