back to article MS Jingle Bell bus rattles past Reg Towers

Having decided that Family Guy wasn't exactly the right way to punt Windows 7, Microsoft has decided to get down wiv da kidz by sponsoring the The Jingle Bell Ball - a musical extravaganza this weekend featuring luminaries such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus and the Backstreet Boys. To prove just how happening and …


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  1. gumbald
    Gates Horns


    That poor bus...

  2. JimC
    Gates Horns

    So this isn't a real bus then?

    Its just driving round London as a mobile billboard, adding to traffic, adding pollution, using fuel etc?

    In other words just a graphical presentation that just detracts frrom the performance of the system?

    Now I think of it: how very appropriate!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      They're getting dinged for the congestion fee.

  3. Steven Raith

    Backstreet Boys? Sugababes?

    Much like core components of their OS, it appears that their latest promotional stunt is a good few years behind the curve.

    My coat is the one with the Windows 3.11 For Workgroups Users Guide in it.

    Steven R

    [PS: Yes, I genuinely do have that book - tragic, innit?]

  4. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Scary bus

    It's got no doors or windows! Are you sure that isn't something off The Prisoner? I'm going to have nightmares about what horrors are perpetrated behind the blank portals of the hell-bus...

    The even more scary thing, is that I expect this guy to step out of it at any moment:

  5. John G Imrie

    Why do I have this ...

    Sudden urge to paint a penguin on the side of the buss

  6. Lloyd

    Ho ho ho

    I'm assuming that your rocket launcher was malfunctioning at the time? Or are you saving it for the event itself?

  7. deadlockvictim Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    The Sugababes!!

    OMG, that is just so cool. I want a legitimate copy of Windows™ 7. I want the Genuine Advantage.

  8. David Adams


    I can win an "Intimate Gig" with the Sugababes!!!

    Giggedy, Giggedy Goo!

    Now where's the cold shower icon?

    I'll get me dirty mac.

  9. Andy Miller


    Janet Jackson !? Very "happening and with it". Or should that be "far out"?

    Almost as last century as the vintage Routemaster.

  10. Gareth.
    Gates Horns

    Title Schmitle

    What's that? A concert by Sugababes, Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson, you say? Yeah, I guess I can see what that's got to do with an operating system... well, actually, maybe I can't.

    Didn't the Rookies from Redmo.... er, Reading think about their target audience when signing all those cheques? Let's give them a few pointers.....

    Crap pop stars' target audience == pre-pubescant girls who live at home with their parents and who spend all their time in their bedroom reading MyFaceSpace blogs about their idols (Sugababes, Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson).

    Crap operating system's target audience == fat, balding, middle-aged men who live at home with their parents and who spend all their time in their bedroom reading MyFaceSpace blogs about their idols (Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie).

    Maybe they've got more in common with each other than I originally thought.

  11. KenBW2

    In the video

    "Are you very tech savvy - do you use Facebook, Twitter and that?"

    Erm, WTF?

  12. Doug Glass

    I Can't Wait ...

    ... for the pirated version to show up and see what Microsoft will do about it. Since with the Genuine thing you get screwed maximally, I can only wonder what would be depicted on the fake bus. Maybe a 600 pound gorilla with a jar of Vas ..... oh never mind, you get the picture.

  13. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: MS Jingle Bell bus rattles past Reg Towers

    Gareth needs to read Popjustice. It is amazing. And not for pre-pubescent girls at all.

    I love how real-ale and uppity people get about pop music, though.

  14. Richard Porter


    I definitely won't have anything to do with a company that does that sort of thing to a wonderful Routemaster.

  15. Graham Marsden

    Hey Sugababes...!

    It's great to hear you're supporting Windows 7, but can you tell me...

    Why do upgrades from Vista hang at 62%?

    Why don't it always recognising DVD drive?

    Why does it change custom icons?

    I'm in no hurry, take your time...

    1. Piezor
      Jobs Horns

      can't comment on all but....

      I had a problem with W7 not recognising my DVD drive and it was down to the GEARS ASPI drivers that were bundled with an itunes installation. Removed this from my system and all was well.

      Obviously I have no idea if this applies to your system but if you do have itunes installed try removing the GEARS drivers and see if it helps.

      Go here for 'how to' and stuff

      1. Graham Marsden


        Well, at least you've proved you're not a member of the Sugababes, but you might need a new irony detector... ;-)

  16. IR


    So all those Windows 7 adverts shown during every new Family Guy episode, featuring the Family Guy characters, are all in my imagination?

  17. Hugh_Pym

    Is that the Glassblower...

    ..obscured by an ugly old bus. Can we see a picture of that instead?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jingle Bollocks

    I'll be in London from the 30th. It'll be gone by then. Right?


    Then again I saw one of those 'Back The Bid' trains (on Reading station) a year after the bid had been pocketed.

  19. Mikey

    Well, at least its not a linux bus...

    ...Else that would have been a clapped out old volkswagon camper, driven by a bunch of aging hippies and green smoke wafting out of every leaking window and panel. And, true to life, none of the passengers could agree on where exactly they should be going, or even how to get there.

    At least the buggers are trying, which is all I'm going to say. They've got a product to sell, and they're giving it a go. When I see an Apple Smartcar or the Linux Camper, then I might be tempted to grill the occupants about why I should switch, but the chances are, that'll never happen.

    Oh, and to LJ Vino... yeah, we had to wait until the new livery was decided by FGW central command until that got replaced. You should know by now, nothing EVER arrives on time on the railways ;O)

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge

      Nice cliche you have there

      and like the Win7 ad campaign, it's several years out of date.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    My god, it's the perfect metaphor!

    Shoved into an cramped metal box, blindfolded and unable to see where you're going, just having to put complete trust in whoever's driving the bus, let them do whatever they want and pray it won't veer wildly out of control and crash.

    How is this not the *perfect* metaphor for the windows o/s user experience?

    1. Mikey

      Apparently, I need a title

      Actually, that sounds much more like the previous US administration/Current Labour government to me.

      I guess the Apple metaphor would be that you get to ride in the back of a very large stretch hummer, but with no control over the destination and only 3 channels on the TV.

      We're waiting for the linux one, but that has yet to leave the driveway and get onto the road... ;O)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Horns

      @anon 23:28

      Sounds like a better metaphor for Apple to me... You can't do what you want - only what people think you should do, you're locked into a nasty white box, and you look like a complete git while doing it.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Great way to turn me off Win7

    Couldn't that have got any good bands?

  22. lukewarmdog
    Paris Hilton


    Meh those aren't the sugababes. Not the ORIGINAL ones. Everyone has their own Doctor Who, this is no different. Now if they brought the original ones back to demonstrate backwards compatibility I might be tempted.

    Or maybe Paris could join the Sugababes, that would also be acceptable.

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