back to article Dell offloads Polish factory to Taiwanese manufacturer

Dell is offloading its factory in Poland to Taiwanese knock 'em out giant Foxconn, less than a year after axing most of its Irish workers and shifting their jobs to the East European facility. Hon Hai Precision, Foxconn's parent, has reportedly agreed to take over the factory in return for around $310m. A Dell Poland …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Simple solution...

    Stop buying Dell.

    Their hardware is shit, and their after-sales service is even worse anyway.

    Cheeky €54m stealing bastards....

  2. Graham Bartlett

    How dedicated? Not very

    Any company, anywhere, is dedicated to making money for the people who own it. If Jim High wants $30/hr and Kim Lo is happy with $10/hr for the same job, guess who gets the job. Hell, it's not just companies either - if you wanted someone to respray your car or build an extension on your house, you go for the cheapest quote that'll get the job done.

    Granted, there is also the factor of how good a job they do. But when it's a job like production-line assembly, and there's a QA check downstream to keep them up to scratch, there isn't much difference there.

    1. Christopher Rogers
      Thumb Down

      true but

      dell also pocketed 54m euro in order to ensure the jobs went to a polish $10/hr person as opposed to a chineese $10/hr, only to sell the factor for 310m, and giving a vague promise that they will keep getting dell's from there.

      The EU is a bit thick too mind you. It should have said "you get this 54m as long as you agree to the following rules" and the force dell to stay there and employ people for X years etc etc etc.

      Still. Dirty bastards.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      and that is the problem...

      with Globalization/Free Trade. It can't work between countries with vastly different wage scales and social benefits. The Western world will (is) being hit hard and hurt by this trend, as well as diminishing educational requirements in secondary school.

  3. deadlockvictim Silver badge

    Ireland and Multinationals

    The Irish government got what it deserved and the Irish people got the governments it elected.

    The Irish government bet the house[1] over several decades of direct foreign investment [FDI] instead of trying to foster local businesses.

    FDI brought in lots of instant jobs and instant wealth. However, they ignored the possibility that said instant wealth might also instantly disappear, indeed, would surely disappear once Ireland became too expensive for the multinationals.

    [1] Half built, without many facilities like primary schools or public transport, sold on 100% mortgage and overpriced at that time. It is now probably in negative equity. Go Fianna Fail!

  4. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart
    Black Helicopters

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    First the EU dickheads give Dell-boy €54m to move to Poland.

    Then they give €14m to the ex-workers

    Then Dell sells it for €205m to Taiwan

    Beats me why Dell even bother making what passes for a computer at all when they can engage in business practices like that. I also find it hard to believe that Dell didn’t not know that this deal with Hon Hai was nor on the table when they moved the business to Poland.

    *NOBODY* in Europe should ever buy a Dell computer again.

    I bet the EU and government kleptocrats probably feel a bit foolish now....... on second thoughts they probably don't give a fuck, I mean it's only taxpayers money, and there’s plenty more where that came from, and it's not like they are going to get a bad annual review, or loose a bonus, or have their pension cut, or anything like that, they are all in permanent jobs with inflation proof pensions...... unlike the Limerick ex-workers.

    I wonder will the EU look for it's money, sorry, my money back from Dell.

    Black Helio, it's all a conspiracy from the start.

    1. The Indomitable Gall

      Calm down

      You know, the factory's still there. Any obligations Dell had to the EU will be transferred to the new owner, and the value of the sale will reflect the anticipated cost of meeting those obligations. The EU will still get what it bought.

  5. Doug Glass

    All Corps ...

    ...have three reasons to exist:

    1.) Grow the company

    2.) Increase the bottom line

    3.) Increase stockholder equity

    Nowhere is providing jobs ever a reference point in a corporation's mission statement. If they could dump their entire product line and better accomplish the above by selling wicker baskets in roadside stands ... they would. It isn't about the product folks, it's all about getting your money.

    If you dislike the way a corporation behaves, vote with your pocketbook ... don't buy the product. And in this case not buying Dell is likely a very good move given the pitiful quality of what they offer.

    1. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

      Right, but

      Dell-boy in each case got shit loads to taxpayes money to make jobs for taxpayers, that implies some sort of social responsibility.

      Any bets on how long before Hon Hai move the plant to some far east sweat shop?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is manufacturing anyway>

    I visited the Dell Limerick plant a few years back. All I saw was a machine sucking monitors out of boxes from asian countries and putting them into produce of EU boxes.

    1. Christopher Rogers


      jobs for local people. even if it is just the guy who empties bins.

  7. Charles Calthrop
    Thumb Up

    Yours is here (in Taiwan)

    I've been to Limerick and I've been to Poland. I don't blame them.

  8. K

    RE: Stop buying Dell..

    I used to think like that and listen to people like you.. but I actually brought one of the their products, and realised you talk shit! The quality of their machines is much better than the crap they sell at my local PC store, their support is actually pretty good (My gfx card went, I had a replacement 24hrs later)..

    1. Doug Glass

      The Next Time ...

      ... Michael walks past your cubicle, be sure and tell him you did exactly as he requested in the last all-hands employee meeting.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dell Probably Last to Outsource Manufacturing

    HP, Apple. Toshiba, Fujitsu even Lenovo have all outsourced to 3rd party OEM manufacturers - Dell , after Acer ( Wistron) is probably one of the last to do so

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Gotta love the idiocy..

    ..of the OMG BOYCOTT TEH DELLZ brigade. Like any of the other big boys is any better.

    (Hint, if you're in a large company, you can't buy your PCs from a little Fred-in-the-shed outfit either, however much you'd like to- it would simply bite you in the arse later)

  11. Bruce 3

    I for one welcome our new Chinese masters

    Seriously, Foxconn (Hon Hai) are the number one CEM in the business, the quality will improve, the price will drop and the plant will expand supplying more jobs to the locals. If in doubt look at what they have done in the Czech Republic, their plant there is the number 2 export earner for the country after Skoda and is expanding every year. What they should do is buy Dell out elsewhere and show them how it's done.

    None of the above has anything to do with Dell being the biggest bunch of shysters in the business who are not fit to polish monitors or dribble on keyboards, they are good at giving the simple minded a simple product that keeps them happy between re runs of the x factor. That and spam mail, but an IT company.....not in a long while.

  12. Alan Brown Silver badge


    Close factory in Ireland

    Get EU money to setup new factory in Poland

    Sell Polish factory


  13. mulder

    greed corperations

    if the corperations keep squeezing out there employees then there will not be any to buy there producs.

    guess what happens with the company then?

  14. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    going have to change the ad.

    Instead of a decent multi-cultural bunch singing about the delights of stamping Dells out of coloured plastic, its going to have to be a 4 Taiwanese singing about how they could do the job cheaper and faster than 30 irishmen or 40 polish people.

    Fail..... for all the cash paid out by the EU

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