back to article Time pops tablets to take magazines electronic

Time Inc. has seen the future, and it's electronic magazines rendered on an Apple tablet, assuming Apple ever makes one. The publisher has been working out how to sell magazines in an electronic format. It reckons advertisers will pay extra for video inserts, while punters will want access to more pictures and video content - …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "It's not clear why we need a new interface to read magazines"

    Tell that to all the fucking marketing idiots who insist on "e-zines".

    Oh look, it's a web page that doesn't work on all web browsers, requires a download of a proprietary plug-in, is a pain in the arse to edit, doesn't get indexed by search engines and, instead of clicking "next", you have to select and drag an irritating flashy folded corner thingy (try doing that on your mobile - oh no, you can't because you're a fucking marketing droid so you've got an iPhone with no Flash support).

    1. D@v3


      Iv been receiving iGIZMO for some time, and apart from the shitty little turn the page thing, i think its a pretty good idea, and could be better with a little bit of work, eg, contents page that doesn't just show the contents but actually lets you jump to a section in the mag.

      With the right device, (with the right functionality), i could be more than a little interested.

      There are a number of magazines that I no longer read for a number of reasons, one of which was the stacks of old issues that end up laying around the house because i couldnt bring myself to throw away something that i had paid £3-£4 for. If these e-zines were presented in a well thought out format, with a reasonable subscription model (delivered wirelessly for less than the price of a hard copy subscription, available until the next issue is released) I could be tempted.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Anyone remeber WAP

    Similar principle designed to work with (or around) the limits of mobile phones

    Does anyone know how many websites actually took it up in the end?

    Fail in anticipation of the answer being not many.

  3. richard 69


    if this is what apple's planning, then they're fucked.

    why can't all that content be done with a website?

    yes, content.

    content is what people want...and they have that with a website....and they can look at piccys...and watch videos.....and submit info......and look at other similar websites.

    a magazine is great as a paper product when you don't want eye strain.

    they are 2 different things.

    bollox to tablets....

  4. Marvin the Martian
    Paris Hilton

    Glorious grayscale

    I dunno, the swimsuit edition on ebook readers may attract the old C-64 players, who used to play strip poker on glorious, gaudy 16-colour 320x200 pixel screens.

    I like the proposed interface, it may happen in some future, but don't expect sweaty sportiness to be the deciding factor in this, what, £700 investment in the proposed apple tablet. How many tablet carrying dudes you know, outside of warehousing and delivery?

  5. richard 69

    @ D@v3

    "contents page that doesn't just show the contents but actually lets you jump to a section in the mag."

    isn't that a PDF?

    or a fancy website.

    my point is that this is trying to fill a gap that doesn't exist. i love paper magazines and i love websites and apps on the ipod touch. but trying to squeeze some sort of interactive magazine-type-thing into a new market seems doomed to failure......maybe they've also got a 'killer' idea for this......

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Everything going digital

    Everything, and I do mean everything, that is currently done on paper will most likely end up in digital.

    Even things that are not covered usually by local newspapers will go digital, and allow the "unwashed masses" to report on items.

    For example, where I currently live, local school sports and general outdoor "sports" items are not covered to well by the local paper and news.

    An associate worked at a local paper and after leaving, and a few of the reporters at the paper got fired due to "limiting costs" he rounded up a couple of the reporters and built a website

    Now, he is actually beating the local paper on getting sports/outdoor news out to people, and covering a LOT more then they are.

    As planning for future capabilities and expansion, we have discussed the option of providing users with a "e-reader" that will allow either instant updates via wireless or via usb. The reason for this:

    1. e-readers is larger then a phone.

    2. e-reader is portable.

    This means that the end user will not need to carry a traditional "paper", wil be able to be updated "on the fly" unlike a traditional "paper" and will offer better readability for those you do not have good vision, as well as possibly allowing video.

    Everything will eventually go digital as we move forward in the world.

    The one benefit if everyone goes digital, less and less trees needing to be cut down.

  7. agcereniv

    Also on Apple

    Not to split hairs, but would seem to be pretty important - I have used Zinio on my MacBook Pro for over a year for several different magazines and even a couple of books. Also looking forward to seeing the iPhone app when it comes out - may be good, may be terrible; we'll see.

    I am also in the U.S., so I don't know if it is different in the U.K.

    One thing I like about reading magazines digitally (though my favorites, Entrepreneur and Fast Company are not <yet> offered) is that if I have thoughts, need to do more research, or communicate with others about what I'm reading, I can take care of all that in one place. Otherwise, I have to make separate notes in either my notepad or word processor and take care of it later. So, the efficiency that digital provides is nice.

  8. GrandpaChris


    Is quick and easy with online magazines, newspapers, etc. I often agree with comments which fill in detail the author left out. (written early morning on my iTouch while wife still sleeping)

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