back to article Mozilla fixes memory-hogging bug in Thunderbird 3

Mozilla has fixed a serious instability in an almost-ready version of its Thunderbird email client, as well as tackling a variety of lesser stability flaws and adding some enhancements. Thunderbird 3 Release Candidate 2, released Tuesday a week after the first almost-baked version, fixes flaws that turned the previous test …


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  1. Paolo Marini

    when are they going to fix the "Check for new messages at startup" option?

    it was working fine in TB 2.0 but since the first betas of TB 3.0, the software keeps asking to log on the last used account in order to display an updated list of headers... why has this changed from 2.0? if the option is unchecked, it should not connect in any way!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wow - a system that downloads email in the background!

    To think that was only bleeding edge tech in 1975!

    (For the clueless - go look up mailer daemon)

  3. Bassey

    Thank god

    Thank god I didn't bother with the RC then. Sounds about as stable as the betas were. TB2 was an excellent piece of software. I only hope Mozilla are able to pull this together before the final release because, so far, TB3 has been dreadful.

  4. Cazzo Enorme


    The background downloading is specifically for IMAP. I've upgraded to the release candidate at work, and now I rarely have to wait for the pile of sh*te that is our company Exchange server to grind into action whenever I want to read my email.

  5. Nexox Enigma

    Oh so that's why...

    I only installed the RC on my laptop, which is a Mac, so I blamed the memory usage and required force shutdowns on OS X. This makes slightly more sense, I guess.

    And I'd be running 2.x, but I have to run Fedora 11 on my work desktop, and they have 3.0 betas in the repository, and compiling Mozilla software by hand is mind-numbingly difficult on a decent distro, there's no way I have time to get it done on something like Fedora...

    At least now I've got a reason to get my laptop out of my briefcase today (before it runs out of 2GB of memory again...)

  6. Michael Kean


    Hmm - it will be interesting to see what they've done to search.

    Google Desktop Search will work, only until you install an Thunderbird update; at which point you have to uninstall and reinstall Google Desktop Search for it to start working again.

    Microsoft Search will not index Thunderbird messages out of policy to not support the competition

    Yahoo Desktop Search doesn't exist any more as a free product.

    Copernic indexes it, but has no qualms about throwing animated GIF ads into your search results.

    I forget what the other free ones are.

    So yeah, I'll be waiting a while before upgrading :)

  7. Keith Oldham

    Not found a problem on OpenSUSE 11.2 using 3 beta 4

    So far so good - it seems stable, predictable and memory usage seems stable using about 30M +15 M shared. None of the problems in post "when are they going to fix the "Check for new messages at startup" option? #"

  8. Nik Simpson
    Thumb Down

    Released version leaks like a sieve

    I'm running the released version, and it has a huge memory leak. When it starts, memory usage is around 80MB, after a day of general usage it's closer to 1GB.

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