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Will Twitter turn itself into an email-like open protocol? It's thinking about it. "There's an ongoing discussion within the company about the merits of decentralization and whether it's really possible and, if it is possible, how it would work," Twitter chief operating officer Dick Costolo told the gathered tech types at …


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  1. RISC OS

    Who a gives a s#!t

    A pointless website... a pointless protocol... I mean what is the bloody point with twitter?

    1. vagueness

      obligatory twitter who gives a s#!tter post

      You're quite right, what on earth is the point of posting up to 140 characters of your thoughts/opinions on a website? Oh hang on...

  2. /dev/me

    @RISC OS

    You can think that, and I can think that. But only yesterday the PR lady of my company came to the IT department to discuss technicalities of a Twitter account for the company. That makes 'not caring about Twitter' a thing of my past. May I express with utmost disgust: "0 noes11one!"

    On a related note, I am in the market for a good second hand non-CE compliant cattleprod.

  3. OffBeatMammal

    MySpace complaining...

    .... that Twitter isn't more open with their data. After all, MySpace have such an excellent track record as an open partner in that respect.

    they wouldn't be the new AOL ("trailer park of the Interwebs") if they'd been smart enough to get where Twitter (and Facebook) are now

  4. mittfh


    It'll never happen, but rather than trying to secure corporate funding, why don't they be brave and follow the MediaWiki model - i.e. not only open up, but turn themselves into a charity. Then they could possibly go one step further and adopt a distributed model - although you'd need plenty of links between the partner servers to avoid netsplits.

    I used to be an avid Tweeter, but since AIR decided to go up excrement creek without a paddle when I upgraded to Mandrive 2010, not being able to run TweetDeck has helped wean me off it to a certain extent :)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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