back to article Microsoft backs away from Murdoch love-in

Microsoft does not want to get into bed with Rupert Murdoch after all, with a senior exec telling the FT that Redmond is not interested in securing the Aussie mogul's content for its Bing search engine. Or at least, Microsoft is not prepared to go exclusive with the hard-nosed Aussie and other media moguls. Not this week, …


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  1. Dest

    And here I was hoping.

    And here I was looking forward to the two of them shooting each other in the foot.

    Personally I don't like News Corp anyway because of their politically motivated, bias slant on everything and I don't like Bing because it is Microsoft and Microsoft reminds me of Steve Ballmer who is nothing but a complete buffoon who uses antiquated Machiavellian principles to run a crooked business.

    Yeah, I can be very shallow and opinionated like that at times.

    I wouldn't mind if both of them fail miserably and go down in flames.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well advised...

    Apart from any other aspect of this, have MS cottoned on to a fact that Murdoch seems totally blind to? That there are millions of us out here who wouldn't use a bargepole to touch anything with the Murdoch stamp? God knows MS aren't exactly top of the popularity polls at the best of times, without embracing the Murdoch touch of death...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too bad

    It's too bad this didn't go through, had itm now Google would have the automatic feature of filtering out all of Ruport's Rubbish, just like a good porn filter...

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