back to article 2009's Top Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drives have yet to truly challenge magnetic media when it comes to storage capacity and the price you pay for it. But 2009 saw a bumper crop of SSDs as Flash and storage specialists really tried to drive performance. Some even pushed low capacity but cheap drives in a bid not to replace the HDD but to work alongside …


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  1. webster phreaky ate my iphone

    Best upgrade I ever made

    I bought the 128Gb variant of the Crucial drive and replaced the hard drive on my MacBook. It's made such a huge performance improvement; I'd highly recommended SSD drives to any laptop user. I've noticed a particular improvement in running VMs (especially XP) and IntelliJ (when it goes off to index stuff, for example).

    The capacity could be seen as a bit limiting, but once I put all of my videos and other large documents on a NAS, I've not been complaining.

  2. Popup


    None of those drives support the sata 'trim' command.

    I think I'll wait another couple of months.

  3. BCS


    The Crucial M225 drives do support trim with the latest firmware update (1819)

  4. Phil the Geek

    Old timer

    I remember the original SSD; magnetic core memory. It was made by hand, they threaded the bits one at a time. I also remember when all this was fields.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Now if you could only remember the last couple of days as clearly ... Being old enough to remember something is not an achievement in itself. Why do people here seem to think it is? (Yes, all you plonkers who harp on about Spectrums and C64s, this means you too. No-one cares.)

  5. fireman sam

    Waiting to join the SSD revolution

    Have had two Crucial X32 SSD drives die in a whiff of smoke now. Both have been RMA'd. Can't help feeling that the SSD technology still has some way to go.

  6. John Hughes

    And what about SLC drives for us performance freaks?

    Why haven't Ingram been able to get the intel X25-e for over a month now? They've just slipped the ETA back to 11/12/2009.

    Are Intel using Farther Xmas for deliveries?

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