back to article Has your iPhone been involved in an accident?

Solicitors Bott & Co have launched an iPhone application for recording accident details, along with a link to their dedicated hotline for those seeking injury compensation. The "Car Incident Assessment" application, which is free from iTunes, runs the user through the important things to note following an accident; including …


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  1. Antony 2

    iPhone for me?

    I think I might have to get an iPhone for this app.

    Mine's the one with the blackberry in the pocket, with all 4 apps installed.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Solicitors; Soliciting

    all to do with screwing someone for cash....

  3. Jimmy Floyd

    Careful now

    I'd have been a little wary about "sneaking out for a fag" too, at least using the American interpretation!

    1. lpopman

      hehe you said fag....

      It's LA so chances are the american interpretation could be correct too....

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What Jimmy said

      Especially in LA, "sneaking out for a fag" has a much different meaning... There are a few insurance companies that have apps that take note of the same things and allow users to report as well.

  4. Rob

    People have that many accidents...

    .... that someone thought they needed an app for it!

    Me, I try and avoid them, I'd prefer to earn my living the honest way.

  5. Mark Rogers

    Title Goes Here

    I both like and dislike this app.

    Like because a lot of people don't seem to know what to do when they have an accident, i.e. what information they should get so this can help.

    Dislike because it's making it even easier for any idiot to make a frivolous overblown claim.

  6. Christopher Rogers
    Jobs Horns

    The power of the Jesus phone...

    ...being harnessed by the desciples of Satan himself for the encouragement and spreading of corruption and lies and wishing harm on your fellow man.

    Oh how the thunderous roar of the impending apocalypse is deafening to my offended ear!

    Fuck you, you bunch of souless thieving bastards.

    </fire and brimstone>

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Dear


    deep breath


    Bott and co are the most imcompetant useless bunch of asshats you can ever hope to come accross. I was unfortunate enough to have them apointed by my insurance company after my Partner was struck from behind by some ponce in an alfa that was too busy doing his hair. Simple, Stationary veichle backended but somone not showing due care....

    Well no, lost letters, lost photos, mistake after mistake, letters sent out, claims from the third party with GAPING holes in his evidence (which changed days later) and even an out and out admission.

    And they lost the godsdamm case!?? 3 years of cocking about on a cuit and dried case and they loose it!!!??? Good luck for anyone that tries this.

  8. Ascylto

    This ...

    reminds me of the joke:

    You're in a lift (elevator) with Hitler, Stalin and a Lawyer.

    You have just two bullets in a gun.

    Whom do you shoot?

    Answer: The Lawyer, twice.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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