back to article World Cup to be shown in 3D

The 2010 World Cup will be the first global soccer event shot in 3D, Fifa - the Fédération Internationale de Football Association - said today. Sony has won the contract to provide the production kit, and will be releasing footage on an official Blu-Ray Disc in due course. The Blu-ray Disc Associaton has yet to define a …


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  1. Martin 6 Silver badge

    For which species?

    My eyes are only about 10cm apart, I don't have much 3d stereo vision beyond about 10m.

    So exactly what is the benefit of 3d for a football match ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      Best use of technology

      Right there -- let's use 3D technology for the purpose it is designed for and best suited for: porn.

      Even Paris would be able to figure that one out!

  2. Niall 1


    We can Henrys hand come out of the screen and slap us in the face. Ok it was two weeks ago, I'm over it and I swear I'm not bitter. Now if the FAI would just shut up we might be able to move on we some dignity intact.

    Sony are releasing 3D-enabled Blu-ray players for the World Cup that's pretty cool but I think I'll wait for the 3D-enabled Blu-ray beach volleyball players myself.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    This fad will go the way of 3D horror movies of days gone by. Some reasons:

    1) Need to wear silly glasses. Bad enough in an of itself, but:

    1a) They get lost.

    1b) Extras for when friends come over?

    1c) They get scratched/damaged.

    1d) Prone to reflections from behind you.

    1e) Need to make the effort to find them and put them on (sounds trivial, but if the remote isn't in reach, note how many people won't change the channel).

    1f) Commercials in 3D?

    2) Poor results... at least for me, the 3D effect comes and goes. I'm relating to the 3D shows at Disney... 15 minute show, and I could only track about 5 min of 3D, had 5 min of eye-splitting almost 3D effects, and about 5 minutes of alternating closing one eye at at time.

    3) Limited gain in the viewing experience: "Oooh, I can totally tell that the guy at the top of my screen is farther away from me than the guy at the bottom... wow, following a football match is SO much easier this way!"

    OTOH: 3D TV may open up a market for DVD/blueray/whatever releases of campy SiFi flick.

    You can see where this is *really* leading, though: ANOTHER boxed set of remade Star Wars.

    1. Paul M 1

      Reasons not to be cheerful...

      You've got a good list of negatives there but you've missed the major one for many of us. There is no way for spectacle wearers to see with these things. Are we going to start carrying around special prescription versions of the glasses when we go round to a mate's?

  4. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Up

    Oh good...

    ... another reason not to watch it!

  5. VeganVegan
    Paris Hilton

    I'm curious,

    What is Paris' cup? Maybe 32B?

  6. Mark C 1
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    The format is not the point .....

    Geoof Hurst's goal in '66 is still spinechilling because of the sublime commentary ... it was 2D, low def and Black&White ... and more importantly, a very special moment.

    3D will not make the use of the likes of Andy Gray whilst England go out in the Quarter Finals even remotely bearable ...

    1. James Micallef Silver badge

      Re Geoff Hurst's goal in 3D

      If they had 3D at the time it would have been immediately clear it was not, actually, a goal at all!

  7. D@v3

    silly specs

    Lets just hope the glasses aren't being supplied by Sainsburys or it'll all be a waste of time.

  8. Rob Beard
    Paris Hilton

    What about those oft us who wear glasses?

    I tried out some 3D glasses for the 3D episode of Chuck and also for this Channel 4 3D thing. Wasn't very workable for me as being short sighted I wear glasses.

    I could either take off the glasses and everything would be blurry (no good for HD, it'll make it look like low quality SD), or they wouldn't fit over my glasses.

    Maybe there will be a market for Specsavers to make prescription 3D glasses too. In the mean time, I ain't getting contact lenses to watch a limited amount of 3D telly.

    I'm also thinking the porn idea might be bad too, my eyesight is bad enough, I don't want to go completely blind!


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