back to article Sex with Taoist truck driver leaves woman fully satisfied

The Hong Kong truck driver who persuaded an aspiring model he was a Taoist Mao Shan master, with the power to grant her career success in return for sex, really was able to boost his clients' careers, according to a satisfied customer. Au Yeung Kwok-fu, 55, is in court on nine counts of "procuring unlawful sexual acts by false …


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  1. cagaregras

    I want to be treated too!

    Does he also provide treatment for males in need of a better life?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      you want

      to have sex with this guy????

  2. The Vociferous Time Waster

    The power of placebo

    The Placebo effect can cure anything from Teenage Angst or help you Hang on to your IQ. It can heal the Bruise Pristine or stop you from being a Nancy Boy. If your temperature is 36 Degrees and you can't Swallow then all you need is a Flesh Mechanic to administer it.

    I know.

    1. Dale Richards

      Re: The power of placebo

      ...but can it improve your Taste in Men?

  3. Anonymous Coward


    "At first I entered the company as an intern make-up artist, but I was promoted to formal make-up artist after three months."

    So she passed her probation and thanks this lucky trucker. Genius!

    I must remember to thank that bird from the Peppermint Hippo (or similar ;0) )for helping me with my marriage. All it took was one bunk up and I'm now free and single again.

    Pint - coz I'd buy this guy one if I met him in the boozer. :0)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The witness is obviously a looney

    Nuff said I think

  5. Liam Johnson

    I don't believe it!

    Umph. That is why you fail!

  6. Hollerith 1

    this is how it works

    Shamans from the dawn of time have clocked onto the fact that you have to (1) jolt the 'patient' out of his or her mental rut (2) do impressive things that seem to invoke power (3) give a very positive experience to back up (1) and (2) and (4) make it cost the 'patient' something. Castaneda's books are examples of the shaman at work. Good shamans, including priests, psychiatrists, etc., who have figured out that the mind can heal itself of its emotional woes through a bit of adroit 'magic' actually help people. They are smart if they limit their claims to the achievable. I say our trucker is a very wise man, as well as good in the sack. Nice gig!

  7. Dan 10

    The power of placebo indeed

    Between April and December 2007?! He was porking a 19-year-old model for 8 months before she decided that he was a charlatan?! Genius...

    Sounds like the reason her life didn't look up is because she didn't look for the opportunities to make it happen. The point of the placebo is that the make-up artist went out looking for a job with a renewed sense of confidence etc.

  8. Geoff Bin In

    Polysyllabic names

    Still, Au Yeung (or Ouyang in Manderin) is an interesting Chinese surname, as it is one of the very few genuinely Han names which is bisyllabic, Sima being one of the others which is usually quoted. Usually they are monosyllabic, such as Mao, Li, Wang & Zhang.


  9. J 3

    That's headology for you


    Shouldn't it be Fu-kwok instead?

    Sorry, I'm leaving now.

  10. rick buck
    Paris Hilton

    The power of "A Properly Placed & Utilized Placebo"

    In Theory, Yes it can be said...

    That sex can uplift the human spirit,

    At age 19 or 90...(or what-ever is legal in your area)

    But, in Practice...

    It is only the

    "Properly Placed

    & Utilized Placebo"

    that ultimately "Satisfies"!

    Again... and Again...

    Paris...because she knows what to do with

    a "Properly Placed & Utilized Placebo"!!!!!

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