back to article ESRB unloads US game ratings iPhone app

Want to know if Ace Hooker Blood Bath Baby Shaker III is the right game for an eight-year-old nephew while you're making a mad dash to the mall? US video-game regulatory folks may help prevent the Christmas-morning riot act reading for your oblivious gift-giving with a new iPhone app. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board …


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  1. Test Man
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    UK alternative

    What about a BBFC or PEGI alternative? Or do we still have to go through the website of both?

  2. Tanuki
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    Queryable database?

    Will it be searchable by content-type? If so, an 'order by' clause would conveniently let you focus your buying-attention upon those truly worthy games with maximum amount of porn/violence/depravity/whatever.

    I See a Great Need.

  3. Stan 2
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    A genuine example of common sense from a state agency that actually sounds like it does exactly what a good number of folks would like to see in a simple and easy to use way. And it just happened without million's wasted on self hyped independent researchers spending 10 years to say the f'ing obvious. What is the world coming to? Shocked and stunned here.

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