back to article Cloud hopeful rejects Microsoft's interop patent

A cloud interoperability hopeful has dismissed mighty Microsoft's attempt to patent technology for customers to transfer data between different services. Vordel has said Microsoft's proposed patent targets a single vendors' cloud and fails to tackle lock-in as identified by the European Network and Information Security Agency …


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  1. adnim


    would not be an issue if cloud service providers were required by law to store all data in open standards formats, using open source encryption technologies. Migration to another provider could then be as simple as drag and drop.

    Of course cloud providers are going to attempt to lock in customers, they don't want customers leaving for other providers when data loss, data theft, inaccessibility and price increases take place. The harder for the customer to migrate, the larger the acceptable risk to service continuity and customer data.

  2. Steve B

    Where's the patent?

    This is all software. The interoperability will be down to interface specification, something that has been done for decades. By now one would have assumed that any useful specification would immediately be be "Open Sourced", ie freely available to all, or not adopted.

    Under no circumstances is there any justification for a patent. Calling subroutines and passing parameters is NOT NEW.

    If MS got a patent and everyone else ignored their spec, choosing a freely available one, then problem solved, lesson learned and it is about time the US patent office was sorted for good.

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