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Plenty of notebooks supporting Windows 7 multi-touch features have already been announced, but the Aspire 5738PG Touch is one of the earliest to actually hit the shelves. Acer has entered into the spirit of the touch revolution by implementing the technology on-screen as well as on the trackpad, but more on that later. Acer …


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  1. Rob Beard

    So is it a gimmick?

    So is this touch screen technology here more of a gimmick?

    Having played around with a couple of older tablet PCs, I can certainly see their advantage for some tasks, but it seems that a normal laptop with a touch screen is probably a bit pointless for day to day tasks. I mean, if you can't turn the screen round and use it as a tablet PC then you're going to look like a bit of a plonker prodding the screen.

    Maybe there might be some uses for this afterall, the only one I can think of though is maybe for a night club DJ to select and play songs quickly without having to faff around with a mouse or touchpad.

    Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the price was a tad lower, say around the £500 mark.


  2. breakfast

    Ah the old "small widescreen" trick

    I just don't understand why anyone thinks 768 pixels is enough vertical space to us a computer for the internet. The whole "widescreen" proportion that seems to be all anyone is interested in using for laptops currently is absolutely useless for anything other than watching movies and maybe the occasional video game.

    For reading web pages, using wordprocessors or any of the other regular computer tasks it is absolutely useless.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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