back to article BlackBerrys get stuck on NFC

MasterCard Canada is trialling NFC payment stickers glued to the back of BlackBerrys, providing payment history through the wonder of push email. Canada already uses MasterCard's PayPass system, contactless payments completed with a wave of a card, and the technology is easily embedded into a sticker allowing the BlackBerry to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    How is the BlackBerry or whatever else the RFID is stuck to actually relevant?

  2. Ben Tasker Silver badge

    On the other hand

    As soon as we stick a NFC chip inside a handset, and integrate it so that you can 'manage' it from the phone, we'll probably see a sharp jump in malware attacking this platform.

    Personally, I think I can live without having my Credit/Debit card attached to a device which is (by design) always on the network.

    I'd also like to stick with actually having to insert my card into a reader before it can be charged!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For a second there I thought NFC stood for

    No Fucking Cash

  4. Timo

    wonders will never cease

    I can't wait for RFID-based remote pickpocketing. It has been demonstrated with other fast-pass systems.

    My concept for Near-Field Communications would be to use a freaking barcode. Put a sticker on the back of the phone with a barcode and use that for payment. Existing systems would work with software modifications. Much harder to read/skim whilst inside your pocket, and probably no less secure than the broken fast-pass implementations.

    Just one more RFID solution looking for a problem.

  5. pctechxp

    There are some things money cant buy

    For everything else there's this Mastercard sticker

    Don't have quite the same ring does it?

  6. Fozzy 1

    definitely lunch time

    I read NFC as KFC. I thought cool getting a Blackberry with a bucket of chicken, sure as hell beats the crappy plastic toy with the kiddies meal

This topic is closed for new posts.

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