back to article Royal Society offers all-time top boffinry selection online

The Royal Society, Blighty's premier boffinry club, has celebrated its 350th year by putting online a selection of its most eye-catching research papers. Among the highlights of the offerings are An Account of an Experiment Made by Mr Hook, of Preserving Animals Alive by Blowing through Their Lungs with Bellows. This is a …


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  2. TomatoQueen

    Ben Franklin, Renegade?

    Such spin. He was our greatest diplomat and scientific genius and your aristos and two-bit politicians treated him abominably.

  3. James 5

    Great web site !

    ..and, I guess, the animal experiment mentioned also led to the development of CPR (having just returned from a First Aid course).

    I like the sliding timescale - very easy to find discoveries by date (and helps put them in perspective).

  4. frank ly

    @TomatoQueen re. Ben Franklin, Renegade?

    Just because you won the war, that doesn't mean you can write your history.......oh....wait a minute....

  5. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Ben Franklin

    ... was the twit that invented daylight savings. He should have been guillotined.

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