back to article Samsung UE40B7000 40in LCD TV

Flatscreen TVs with LED backlighting offer more vivid colours, darker blacks and greater contrast than regular LCD screens. And there’s a slimness dividend, too, as edge-mounted LED backlights take up less space than conventional LCD bulbs. A case in point is Samsung’s UE40B7000, a 40in 1080p HDTV that’s only 30mm deep. …


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  1. David Austin


    Even Luddites that go into a TV Shop can see there's something special with the Samsung LCD Sets. Everyone is just drawn to them.

    The only minor gripe with me is the frosting; offer it in blue or ice white, and I'm not sure I could resist any more....

  2. Paul 93
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    Energy Usage

    For info, I have had this set plugged into an energy meter, one that sits in line with the TV, and in general usage (volume on, normal TV programmes & HD) it seems to consume about 110 watts. Less (about 90 watts) in dark scenes, and more (upto 120 watts) on super bright scenes.

    Not bad power consuption then, about 15p per hour in terms of costs.


  3. Whitter
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    Use of Use?

    Samsung's Electronic Program Guide is about the most awful in existence. Unless you plan to override it with a Sky or Virgin box, then don't touch a Samsung with a bargepole.

  4. Martin Huizing

    I, like many others...

    ... use this kind of TV as our main monitor for playing games on a PC /and/ watching movies. As The Reg is not a consumer website but leaning more towards techies, can we please find more information about these products from a gamer point of view? Maybe an addition to the article with capable resolutions and frequencies. Windows/Linux/Mac support etc...


  5. whitespacephil


    Surely Cineast?

  6. Ricky H

    ok how about some real movies being tested?

    head over to AV forums for a full run down of the movies worth showing off

    test in a dark room?

    test using devices that show how accurate the colours are?

    backlight uniformity?

    come on really start to plug these LED screens so we can get the prices down!!

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