back to article Consumer group preps legal challenge to Facebook terms

A Norwegian consumer protection agency is preparing a legal challenge to Facebook and other social networking companies, accusing them of operating "in a legal vacuum and irrespective of norms and standards". Forbrukerrådet, the Norwegian Consumer Council, has studied the privacy policies and terms and conditions of social …


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  1. The Mole 1


    I totally agree that consumers should be protected from unfair contract terms.

    However facebook, search engines and similar are free. You aren't a consumer you are a user which makes things very different. You get what you pay for, in this case you pay nothing so are lucky to get anything. If you don't like it don't use it.

    1. Nick Stallman


      Yes it does work on a user by user basis.

      That doesnt get you around the law however.

      Judge: "Did you murder John Doe?"

      You: "Yes, but dont worry I didnt charge him anything for it"

      Judge: "Ok then. Your free to go."

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "the online entrepreneurs at one point just stopped caring about the law”

    Or possibly they're well aware that they're contravening the law in some countries and that they have 2 choices:

    1) Spend a fortune employing lawyers from every country in the world.

    2) Wait until someone whinges.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @The Mole 1

    Of course you're a consumer. You're consuming adverts. What, you think they're powering it with unicorn tails?

  4. Big-nosed Pengie
    Thumb Up

    More power to them!

    It's about time someone threw the book at these bastards.

    Adults of legal age should be able to do anything they like providing it doesn't hurt anyone else, but it should be both informed and consensual. These bastards do everything they can to ensure that it's neither.

  5. Ragnhild

    Link to original article

    Also contains a matrix illustrating what the terms really contain

    1. Anonymous Coward


      I would like to visit your link but it is quite long and since I can no longer copy text off the pages I really cant be arsed.

      Fail for the new comments section not the original poster. El Reg, Please let me copy text off the page :-(

  6. steward

    Facebook is more responsive to users

    than any other major social networking site I've seen.

    I think facebook should answer this by simply cutting off Norwegian IPs. If Norwegians think their government is overstepping, I think we'd see a restoral in about 48 hours as several unnecessary government functionaries get sacked.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Not the only possible sacking

      Although there'd be whining aplenty if Facebook became inaccessible from inside Norway, I imagine that it'd open the company up to lawsuits and/or a noticeable loss of revenue from advertisers. Even if Facebook and pals don't care about regulation, the harsh reality of business is always sobering, and anyone in the corporate hierarchy pulling such stunts would be likely to be shown the door before "unnecessary government functionaries" who actually do a reasonable job, despite petulant whining that "those really long warranties stop me from consuming ten new mobile phones a year" from others who presumably think that's all "unnecessary" too.

  7. Maty

    Good news

    Too long IT companies have been posting totally unreasonable terms, and then blandly adding - 'as far as these are legally enforceable'.

    Can Norway - or any other sane country - have a go at EULAs next?

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