back to article Should we care about SLA Monitoring and Management?

If you ask readers of The Register, they’ll tell you that they have an ever-increasing range of systems to look after and a vast range of tools and services to manage them. That’s a big enough headache for most. However, many will also explain that business expectations for the quality of IT service continue to rise by the …


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  1. Francis Liu

    Network monitoring != SLA monitoring

    It's labelled clearly and the webcast topic is clearly SLA monitoring, but for some duff reason the author (and the Editor?) allow the Network Monitoring to be written.

    SLA monitoring is much much more than network monitoring. When monitoring networks, it's about pings, traceroutes, and other technological wonders. But SLAs require you to watch the end-to-end statistics. So, it can be a complex combination of ping, application specific tests, and also other difficult things like understanding network topologies and failover statuses to produce a magic number. For example, if the customer has a High Availability cluster that's providing protection from downtime, is the SLA affected if 30% of the nodes are lost? Is the SLA 95% met? Or is it still at 100%?

    Terminology matters.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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