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So you want a small notebook, but you're put off by the average netbook's puny graphics, relatively low res screen and limited-horsepower Atom processor. What do you do? Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Acer's Aspire Timeline 1810TZ: big name, small notebook We think you could do a lot worse than Acer's Aspire 1810TZ. Sony's …


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  1. Steven Pemberton



    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware

      @Steve Pemberton

      A quick look at the spec reveals... 1.4kg / 3lbs.

  2. Stacy
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    Not bad

    Almost good enough to make me think I made a mistake with the Sony TZ.

    Good screen res, good battery, I'd take a half decent chip over graphics on an ultra portable any day.

    But no bluetooth or optical disk... Hardly surprising at the price point, so not a complaint, just a shame.

  3. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    What about linux?

    I don't suppose you'd care to slap Ubuntu on it (and your other test machines) as a dual-boot and tell us what doesn't work out of the box?

    I like the look of this, but if it can't do the linux thing, it's staying on the shelf...

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware

      @Neil Barnes

      I briefly ran the Ubuntu 9.10 live disc, and can verify that Wi-Fi works fine - it often doesn't on netbooks, at least not out of the box. But I didn't look at other kit, such as the memory card reader, webcam or ethernet.

      If I get a mo, I'll try these out and report back.

      However, I did notice the fan seems to spin up rather more than it does under Windows 7. There may be a dedicated kernel to fix this, however.

  4. riCh chestMat

    On my 2nd one

    The first one took a short fall on Monday and the screen was trashed. Worringly so the base was also warped which makes me question the suitability for travel. However this also meant I could secure a quick replacement via my insurance.

    My 2nd one has faster memory inside and what appears to be a duller screen.

    As for the fan, there is a community developed tool that I found that lets you configure how oftent he fan comes on and this has made the machine much quieter.

  5. tempemeaty
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    Nice looking specs silly thing...

    I like Intel but I also like my programs that need OpenGL. Intel's graphics chips can't do OpenGL well enough to get the job done. I wish the notebook engineers would make another choice. Is that a silly little wish? m(_ _)m

  6. Forename Surname


    Bit of a shame about the fact PC Vantage was used for the battery test, and not the standard netbook video test. A video test can run on any laptop, not just a netbook, and would provide adequate comparison. As it stands, the figures are all based on competing laptops of a slightly larger size. I don't really see why PC vantage was used in this case.

    People are going to see this as a netbook, if not in name, in features.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    vs Asus Ul30A

    I was looking at getting the same laptop, but with a bigger 13.3" screen, the 3810TZ.

    Asus are bringing out their UL30A1 which is core duo, with other models such as UL30A2 etc. They work out a bit more expensive, but the battery life is considerably better, up to 11 hours.

    The UL20A also seems a good deal. The 2 year international warranty compared to Acer's 1 year may also be a winner. Nothing on amazon UK as of yet, so I'm sitting tight for now. I think it's better to buy this after Christmas if at all possible once Asus' pricing has been confirmed.

  8. Rob Beard
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    Looks like a nice little machine. I would certainly consider one when I upgrade my current Acer Aspire 2920 (12.1" notebook, in fact reviewed on here a year or two back).

    I just wish a few more manufacturers would start doing machines like this rather than over sized netbooks as not everyone wants to lug around a 15" or 17" machine (I certainly wouldn't want to lug a 17" machine around due to the weight), and sometimes we need a little bit more CPU power than an Atom can give.

    Shame Acer didn't drop an ION chipset in this little machine though.


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    first impressions

    Just got my 1810TZ . Overall very nice--solid build quality, as suggested by the review. A few things the review didn't note: The USB ports are very tight. The sound has some background hiss, as expected for built-in sound. No hum or other frequencies (a problem I've encountered on other notebooks). There is a recovery partition on the hard disk. I made recovery discs (with an external DVD burner), then wanted to free up the space from the recovery partition, so I repartitioned the disk, and reinstalled from the recovery discs. This worked with no problems, though it did take it 1.5 hours (no human intervention required though).

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