back to article British laggards told to embrace their digital futures

The BCS has launched a website for technology laggards who are failing to do their duty by not feeling the benefits of an information-driven society. The Chartered Institute for IT, formerly known as the British Computer Society, reckons only 20 per cent of the UK population are "information-savvy citizens". BCS president …


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  1. NB


    I've got 99 problems but computer illiteracy isn't one.

  2. Richard 101
    IT Angle

    Bless the BCS do they propose that these laggards access this website!?!

    Surely an offline promo campaign would be of far greater use

  3. Da Weezil

    Spare us from these useless reports!

    Oh god save us from the evangelising 'tards who are only after ensuring that their cushy niche has some justification.

    The world got by fine without blogs and ar*efa*e updates about how Sheila just got her visit from aunt flo. There is nothing here for my 70 yr old father who has no interest in "tech". heres a clue... some people DONT want! it really is that simple! I really wonder if our society is now unable to function without the input of some attention seeking sad sacks who have to blog about every uninteresting aspect of their uninspiring lives.

    Isn't it a shame that there isn't the same interest in dealing with the farcical pricing regime that exists that ensures Market one exchange customers pay far more money for far less service... usually in areas with a depressed economy. Thats the area that needs addressing. sort out OFCOM and BT's too cosy relationship, and bring some equality across the board.. then you might see more people joining the digital throng... until then - for many - its just another expense that is just not viable.

    Hand grenade because the academics need one underneath them for failing to see the underlaying problems.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    It requires a Facebook identity to get in to the quiz. Now, I'm not an IT laggard, but in the name of security there is no way that I want to have a Facebook account ... that is the greatest waste of time since a good portion of my life was wasted in NFS most Wanted.

    I'm not going to sign up for a facebook account just to do some quiz. It will be no surprise that the majority of results that they get are the 18-45 male population if that is how they are running it. Pah! I thought the BCS could have done better than that.

    I'll therefore spurn this obvious complete waste of time and go to enhance my fortunes in Lineage 2 instead.

    1. SynnerCal

      How many idiots does it take to write a survey

      Okay, so if it requires a Farcebook id to do the quiz, am I missing something or does that mean that you're going to end up with the folks that do this being the ones are aren't "laggards'. Kind of makes a nonsense of the survey. I'd be more impressed if they'd had someone like MORI etc do the survey, plus only 500 chosen out of how many million Brits? Not impressed.

      Oh, and when the heck did that club for academics (the BCS) become a "Chartered Institute"? And if so, why are they still using rather than or similar. Better still use "" which just about sums up my opinion of them.

      Had a look at the site, and it strikes me as one of those things that sound like a good idea in some brainstorming meeting, but turn out to be a lot less useful when they're actually "delivered". Oh, and while I consider myself anything but a "laggard", I'm Facebook-free, keep the Tweets down to a minimum (actually use it more for special offers heads-ups) etc.

      Still at least there's no tax payer money being wasted on this... (actually does the Dark Lord Mandelson know that someone's maybe treading on his toes here).

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Meanwhile, on a Yacht in a Presumed Safe Harbour, the Cat does Prowl and Purr Galore

        "Still at least there's no tax payer money being wasted on this... (actually does the Dark Lord Mandelson know that someone's maybe treading on his toes here)." ..... SynnerCal Posted Sunday 29th November 2009 03:34 GMT

        With here, SynnerCal, being here on the Register? How ....Intriguing. Would you have any concrete evidence or is IT a Speculative Phishing Adventure following Solid Leads with Novel Feeds/ReSourceful Seeds/Immaculate Needs.

        Do you really Imagine that Dark Lord Mandelson knows what awaits his Pleasures and Treasures?

        :-) Answering that Question with any Degree of Certainty would surely require some Thought and Thoughts of Seeking XXXXtra Professional Head Counselling too, some would Advise and Warrant ....... for Both Answers, whether Yes or No, would imply a Delusional Foreknowledge or Active Hindsight Virtual Manipulation of Future Events.

        Combining the Two would Create a Third Party Intelligence in the First Party, under Newly Created Conditions in Live Operational Virtual Environments with AI and ITs CyberIntelAIgent Security Operands Streaming Media and Virtual Machine/Virgin Meme Controls ..... Leading Instruction with Transparent Constructive Comment..... as in this Simple Model Module just recently written and now Random Third Party Read and Shared for Improvement and Compatible Additional Reinforcement ...... Consolidation for Fact from Fiction?

        The Enigma Test that Challenges Turing Einstein Master Minds with Global Minds and Virtual Creations. Amen .... Allahu Akbar ... Oi Vay .... Comprendez, Senor ..... Capiche.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Missing something here

    Yeah a website for digital laggards, that's gonna work. Pats on backs all round lads!

    While you're at it, why not launch a stop hunting polar bears campaign in the Sahara?

  6. pedrodude


    Ok sort your nomenclature out BCS. Just because they don't know their facespace from their blogtube doesn't mean they're neanderthals. They know how to use libraries and you know... face-to-face contact and all that - all very valid and efficient ways to "access and use" information last time I checked.

    Also as if anyone needs more than say 10% of the "information" most people are peddling around. Twitter, I'm looking at you.


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    23%? Butt Shirley ...

    The next figures have just got to be:

    But in well flush areas with lots of dosh computer literacy is about 80%

    while in dosh deprived areas computer literacy is about -27%

    Now we don't claim that there is a strong correlation or indeed any correlation at all but it seems to be a key indicator along lines of: where there are computer skills then there are money (?)

  8. Brent Longborough
    Thumb Down

    Computer says Wait

    How come their website's so slooow?

  9. Rubyatwork

    You must have a Facbook account?

    From the front page of their web site:

    "on the internet we are operating in both a public and a private space and our personal data is increasingly accessible to many people and organisations. The electronic footprint of our personal data is almost impossible to erase and very hard to keep control of."

    And then they ask you to take a quiz on Facebook?? WTF? Do they really think the average Luddite has a Facebook account? What a waste of time.

    1. Winkypop Silver badge


      "Do they really think the average Luddite has a Facebook account?"

      Ummm, isn't that exactly who Facebook is made for?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    BCS attempts relevance shock

    "Unless all members of society are made aware of how they can access and use information in their daily lives, the significant proportion of Britons who are failing to realise the benefits of information technology will persist."


    if you are not one of us, you are one of THEM.

    Also, I note that there is no mention of people who do "realise the benefits", and feel that the the cons outweigh the pros. Perhaps it is the BCS who are "failing to realise" that there is more to life than computers. (did i just write that? wow! must be a woman involved somewhere...)

    Now, I computerify (technical term) on a regular basis (thus me reading el Reg), but i dont think that people who chose not to computerify should have some sort of stigma attached to them.

    Not liking Dr Who, thinking Starbuck was better as a man, and being an elitist organisation with little or no relevance - these are reasons for stigma I understand.

    (although people are permitted to not like the *new* Dr who if they prefer the old one - im not a nazi)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    A title is required

    I think the BCS must be stopped! If they succeed in making all these now-illiterate literate, we'll never reduce downloading of copyright material by 70% or even 1%

  12. Handle this!

    RE: Bless the BCS

    Reminds me of the illiteracy campaign once run in the States.

    Posters were put up with the slogan - If you can't read this - We can help.

  13. phil harris

    Dont you just love statistics !

    Firstly, the figures with demographics starting at age 18 lose about 25% of the 60 million population, so that makes _about_ 6.7 million not 8.9 million. (And that's simple arithmetic not maths by the way ;) )

    Secondly, the judgement 'had not improved their lives' will be a balance, not 'there is nothing I like about I.T.' (And that's simple english language by the way ;) )

    Thirdly, since when have computer geeks _ever_ been qualified to understand what real people want ?????

    Oh, I'm 54 and earn my living writing software, and my wife works from home on a quad-cpu system system with about 2TB of storage.

    Our problem is the cr_p state of the BT network out in the countryside which makes it very difficult for a large percentage of the population to actually realise those cr_p statistics of the Internet's power which modern (young, wet-behind-the-ears) software authors expect everyone to have.

  14. Yorkshirepudding

    so much fail

    its hard to know where to start

    some people cant bloody read how are they supposed to learn how to operate a computer then?

    /thinks back to pictograph keyboards on acorn computers in junior school

    and the thing is some people just dont get it seriously. to them a computer or any form of digital technology is witchcraft and must be burned

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