back to article Sony Ericsson admits 'PlayStation phone' woes

Sony Ericsson has been hit by a second high-profile smartphone setback this week, admitting that its Aino "PlayStation phone" has run into technical troubles just days after its Satio phone was withdrawn from sale in the UK. Aino_0001 Sony Ericsson has admitted touchscreen troubles with Aino The company told Register …


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  1. Andrew Bush

    What a carry on

    Friends, Romans, {countrymen} - AINO!!!

    Where do Sony get their names from?

  2. Bananimal


    You need to set a static arp entry on some routers to get it working over the internet rather than through your local network, like with WakeonLAN.

    O2 appear to have worked with Sony Ericsson to provide a fix for their customers

  3. Aaron 8

    Lucky Me

    I had shortlisted the Satio and Aino for my new handset but in the end deicded the better camera facilities didn't outweigh the closed OS so went for the HTC Hero instead. Oddly both Sony handsets have amazingly high ratings over on

  4. zanto

    layoffs not such a good idea now

    how does it feel knowing you screwed up twice probably because you fired some of the people that actually get the work done as opposed to the fuckwits you call managers?

    this is what happens when you let bean counters try to run a tech company.

  5. Grozbat


    One single user can't connect to his PS3 and you assume that there something wrong with the phone? Where's the massive flood of PS3 complaints?

    More to the point, where's the journalism standard in this piece?

    Go search the bulletin boards for faults on other phones and stop picking on Sony Ericsson!

  6. Grozbat

    Update the software

    Sony Ericsson phones have an over-the-air software update feature, or you can do it via a PC.

    In general, everyone buying a phone of any make - especially a new model - should update the phone software ASAP if they want to avoid unnecessary grief.

  7. AlanD

    Aino touchscreen problem

    I had my SE Aino for 6 weeks and was even still using my old phone as my main one when my touchscreen stopped working completely. The button on the top also stopped working so it was permanently on. You couldnt answer calls with a swipe of the screen, you had to open it up.

    Before it got to this stage, the touchscreen worked most of the time but not all. It would connect to my PS3 via my home network but via the internet, it would start my PS3 but not properly connect and therefore I couldnt shut it down remotely either.

    It has now been in for repairs for a week and no signs of its return.

    When it works, its a great phone. I cant wait to get it back "all fixed"!

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